10 Video Game Movies Coming Before Halo

video-games-educationI sure love the Kotaku website. I get my video game fix there each and every day. But frankly, they can stick it up their collective butts on their 10 Video Game Movies You’ll See Before Halo post. Some on the list will suck without question – see Sims, Asteroids and Duke Nukem, but there are three I’m completely sure could be pretty sweet, those being Gears of War, Bioshock and Deadspace, with a close fourth and fith to World of Warcraft and inFamous. And you know what? Even with all the frustrated post-District 9 whisperings of what-might-have-been for Halo with Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp at the helm, as well as all the crossing-fingers, hopefull wishing that rumors of Halo-lust by Steven Spielberg are true, the folks at Kotaku are right. At least Gears (Len Wiseman), Bioshock (Gore Verbinski) and Deadspace (DJ Caruso) all have directors. Halo has nothing. And again, I’m disappointed and sad.

Screw you Microsoft. Better yet, screw you Universal and Fox for pulling the plug in the first place.

Check out the full article on Kotaku.com.

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  • Loathed the ending for Eagle Eye, but DJ Caruso does have skills. All the directors attached to the 3 projects we want to see have skills, in fact. Development hell, however, can be ages… as Gears is showing big-time.

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