French Won’t Keep a GI Joe Trailer Down

Remember that first GI Joe trailer from way back in the Super Bowl? If that got you excited enough to unwrap all the GI Joe toys stashed away in the air-tight acid proof vault in your basement, this new full-length trailer will either send you into convulsions or have you crying for the glory days of the weekday cartoon series. Either way, GI Joe’s got a new, longer trailer with more footage, more explosions and more Frenchiness. That’s right– since

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Meryl Streep + Amy Adams = Recipe for TLA

If you’ve been following Andy on Facebook, you’ll know there’s been a real Meryl Streep/Amy Adams love-fest brewing. And by brewing, I mean a rich, blended urban roast of red-haired crushing steeped in the legendary flavor of Streep. Which is so ironic, because no sooner than Doubt hits Blu Ray do we get the trailer for Julie & Julia starring… an unfortunately coiffed (but darling!) Amy Adams and charmingly primmed (and tall!) Meryl Streep… again! Julie & Julia Follows the

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The Battle for 8th Place

Battle for Terra, has intestinal fortitude fortified by steel brass and titanium, or distributor Lionsgate has the worst marketing and scheduling department ever assembled. “Battle for Terra“you say? Yeah, that’s the other movie (besides Ghosts of Girlfriends Past— which is also going to be torn asunder) opening up against Wolverine. The one that’s about humans coming to kick alien trash up and down a hospitable planet so they can live on it– the one that’s actually being mostly well-reviewed.

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Snikt! Wolverine Takes Critical Licks, But You Probably Don’t Care

After a number of screenings, reviews are coming in for this weekend’s Summer Opener: X-men Origins: Wolverine… and they’re pretty much what you would have expected from a crown spoiled by two previous X-Men films by Bryan Singer: slightly worse than middling. Which is fine, considering tracking date knows you better than you know yourself and demands a super high probability that most everyone who likes watching explosions in the dark will see this one no matter what critics say.

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Nothing says, “Aaaaw” Like a Hangover, a Beard and a Papoose

So The Hangover has a few new character posters out. While they make a half-hearted attempt, none are really funny… except this one. For some reason, Planet Beardatron representative (and Hangover costar) Zach Galifianakis asking “Whose baby is this?”, all while the little dude is papoose-strapped to his chubby chest, made me smile. Ok, maybe it’s not that funny, but it’s funnier than swine flu, so would that it should do the same for you. Click to inspect the bearded

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First Look at Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s H2

Okay, hold your collective breaths because I know you’ve been waiting all week for this gem. Yes, below is the first “authorized” picture of Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s “H2,” due in theaters in late August. Color me unimpressed and color me still not pining to see this remake. I still believe this is the kind of movie I would watch if I found myself the last person alive on Earth and it was the only thing playing – remarkably

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Eli Roth Talks (Too Much) About Inglorious Basterds

On Friday’s AATM show on KVNU, we received a call asking about the insanely anticipated Quentin Tarantino film that will have non-cussers in a real pickle when trying to name the title. No, it’s not Inglorious Bast…ages. It’s Inglorious Basterds (that’s not a misspell). Eli Roth, man about town and gore/torture porn purveyor extraordinaire (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel 2) has been speaking mightily about the film in recent weeks. He has a starring role, as a Jewish GI who loves

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I Pimped The Hurt Locker Once and I’ll Do it Again, Thank You

The headline about sums it up. I’m turning into a shill. One of my most anticipated summer films is The Hurt Locker. Between my pimping on KVNU and here at AATM, I’m sold on the idea that while The Hurt Locker is a summer film flying under the radar, it shouldn’t be. The new poster features an image taken wholesale from an “Oh, ****” action beat in the film, but it’s the screaming quotes along the top that should have

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A Dish on Non-News, (Aliens, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Predator!) But We’ll Cover it Anyway

Holy Moly! It’s like Christmas morn! Of course, that’s only if your Christmas morn consists of opening a huge, brightly wrapped package from 20th Century Fox and pulling out a single slip of paper that reads, “Rain Check…Maybe”. For the genre geek fans– there’s some interesting “news” (and by news I mean more like hints and stuff you may already know, just in different sentences) coming out of IESB and a red carpet interview they did with Tom Rothman, the

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Showcase of Shame: The Spirit

You know you’ve got them. Everyone does: Movies you’re ashamed to admit you like, much less own. We’re not talking about those late night movies you watch when no one thinks you’re looking– we’re talking about bonafide theatrical releases that critics pummeled with the left-right-uppercut combo of loathing and disgust. We’re talking about movies your friends pull off your shelf and say, “What the heck/*expletive*!?” The movies you know you’ll be mocked for and unapologetically watch anyway. Some come down

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