Extended MTV Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Clip

Another extended promo from The MTV Movie Awards, this one from Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Surprisingly, Bay himself and the goddess Megan Fox introduced the clip. Shia “No No No Wait Wait Wait” Lebouf was in his seat pondering the skinniness of his tie and the tightness of his pants while the clip went down. If you missed it, you can see the clip before. As for me, while I am excited to get my Autobot and

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon MTV Teaser

The MTV Movie Awards were tonight and you didn’t miss anything. Between a few funny bits from Andy Samberg, Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) putting his butt crack in Eminem’s face and Megan Fox and Ana Faris serving as visual Viagra, you might have caught this extended clip from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” If you didn’t, you can see it below. My take? The CGI werewolf is lame and I’m also wondering with the emotionality of the Bella/Edward love affair is

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Beth Cooper Invites you to Reveal Your “Moment of Truth”

Hayden Panettiere, best known as the cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC’s “Heroes,” is out promoting her new movie “I Love You, Beth Cooper” via Facebook MySpace and YouTube, inviting visitors to www.iloveyoubethcooper.com to upload a video of them saying something they’ve always wanted to say to anybody they wish. The confessional videos are titled “Beth Cooper Moment of Truth” and winners will have their confessions featured in “I Love You, Beth Cooper” TV spots. “I Love You, Beth Cooper” is

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Pixar’s Up Dominates Weekend Box Office

Everybody loves “Up” and that was etched in stone over the weekend when theatergoers anxious to see Pixar’s new computer animated masterpiece poured in $68.2 million, knocking “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” out of first place and dropping “Terminator Salvation” to fourth place. “Star Trek” stayed strong in the fifth spot, with a four week gross of $209.5 million. Frankly, I can’t see “Up” relinquishing the top spot anytime soon, either. I don’t think upcoming releases “Land

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If You See Up, You’ll See This

If you’re going to see Up tonight (or caught it already), this won’t be news to you– but Pixar’s next project, Toy Story 3 has a new teaser trailer. It’s the old gang and while it all feels familiar, it also feels all… familiar. Pixar/Disney Animation head John Lasseter vowed no sequels unless there was a good and compelling reason to do one, so I’m not too concerned in that Pixar’s built 10 years of trustworthy brand. It’s just that

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The Movie Destined to Usher In Millenial Peace Revealed

And by revealed I mean James Cameron’s Avatar has released some concept art that’s not just lame set/bluescreen shots or images destined to be yanked by Fox studios. This is real, approved stuff– replete with Camerony future-military/fantastic fingerprints. Beholden (and click to beholden bigger): I’m a sucker for anything military/future military, so seeing stuff like this just fills my nerdy heart with unabated gid. I’m still not buying into the incredibly verbose hype that’s echoing off any mention of Avatar,

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A Perfect Getaway Trailer Ruins Hawaii Before God Does

It’s no secret I love Hawaii. If it was a woman, I’d marry it. A man, even. But let’s not go too far down that road, because the following trailer may have ruined all that for me. Ok, no. Every summer you’ve got a late-season junk thriller/actioner that pops up and makes a run for a dark horse weekend. Into the Blue was one such film. Red Eye was another. Last year we saw Death Race and Mirrors. Two of

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Dreamworks Animation Ramps up the Assembly Line

In a perfect underlining of why Pixar’s closest rival and unfathomable moneymaker creatively sucks and hates the audiences who still shovel gobs of cash into their slackjawed maws, Dreamworks Animation announced their ambitious plans to crap out five new animated features every two years. This shouldn’t be hard, considering the total rehash and ugly character design each and every one of their films tend to plop on eager audiences every year. With the exception of the charming Kung Fu Panda,

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Movie With Long Name Gets Marginal Trailer

The Goods: Live hard. Sell hard. is living it up trailer style.  Produced by Will Ferrell, which means, well, not much really, the trailer had me in the first 20 seconds and then lost me the rest of the way. While Jeremy Piven is a fish avoiding excusathon, he delivers the pithy funny every time. Except maybe this one. The trailer is red band, which means it has words that will make your mamma wash your mouth out with soap,

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