Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Bad Boys?

I could definitely find a place for Bad Boys and Bad Boys II in the Showcase of Shame, especially given the flicks’ Rotten Tomatoes 42 and 23 percent stinktastic rankings, but that’s another post. This post is about Columbia Pictures hiring Sally Field’s son, Peter Craig, to pen the screenplay for Bad Boys III, with the studio crossing its fingers that Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will once again join forces. Smith and Lawrence are locks for a

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The Mouse and Marvel are Now Married

You know what $4 billion dollars can get you nowadays? Aside from three lifetime’s worth of Angry Whoppers from Burger King and a Brazilian Wax for each and every person living in Brazil, $4 billion buys the House of Mouse the House of Marvel, which includes Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Thor and Captain America. The deal doesn’t give Disney complete world domination of young boys just yet, as Marvel’s deals with Paramount, Sony and

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What We See On Blu-ray Echoes in Eternity

Blu-Ray nerd alert: For fans of Ridley Scott’s 2000 Best Picture winner Gladiator, tomorrow (September 1st) is a big day. The hubbub? Gladiator is coming to the superclean and supersexy Blu-ray format. Second, Gladiator is being released under Paramount’s new “my better is better than your better” imprint the Sapphire Series. Promising only Paramount’s most celebrated movies with the candy-coated, eyeball busting sound and image quality, the Sapphire Series also makes its debut tomorrow with both Gladiator and Braveheart. And

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Man, Christians Ruin Everything

Way, way, way back in May my Trailer Tuesday pick was for a film called Agora (aka- titled for the old Greek word used to denote a place of assembly). Directed by Alejandro Amenábar (who did the spooky Nicole Kidman in a foggy house ghost story The Others) Agora‘s trailer was previously available only in some crazy language that wasn’t American. Since it’s an English-spoken movie, Agora has now received a trailer that good ol’ U.S. of A.-ians can finally

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With District 9 A Certified Success, Blomkamp Talks Sequel

It’s no secret that we here at AATM are a fans of the little indie movie that could: District 9. Box office would say we’re not the only ones, but by crap, we’ll claim it because we were there in Blomkamp’s corner from day one. While nothing’s greenlit or solidified, it’s no surprise that with an assured world-wide take of over $100 million, there’s talk of a sequel. Whether that comes about or not is Cloverfield’s guess, but Blomkamp’s been

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Clooney Knocks Goats Out With His Mind

The Men Who Stare At Goats has one of the best titles the known filmic universe may have ever dislodged. It’s also crowing a roster that reads like a who’s who of cinematically-adored man-men: George “I made love to your wife” Clooney, Kevin “I may or may not be interested in your wife” Spacey, Jeff “I got stoned with your wife” Bridges, J.K. “scoffed at your excuse for a wife” Simmons, Robert “I chased your wife into a dark alley

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Twilight’s Volturi And the Red Eyes of Doom

Man, the bullet-train production speed of these Twilight movies is nothing short of mind-boggling. Not long ago, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen were cast as members of the antagonistic and powerful Volturi, a vampire coven introduced in New Moon who hangs out in Italy and polices the world’s vampires with red-eyed authority. Now the two are in posters and a movie that’s coming out in 80 days. Summit means business and are assembly-lining these suckers while the Twilight passion is

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2012 is REAL! The Web Says It’s So

If you’re into viral marketing, you might want to check out a few links. With disaster-miester Roland Emmerich’s 2012: Trailer For The End of the World hitting theaters just in time to brighten your holidays, the hype machine needs to get crackin’. And crackin’ it has got…ten. Take, for example, this website a crazy Woody Harrelson put up: Or this John Cusack look-alike who just wrote a book about predicted doom in 2012. Or this website for I.H.C-. No,

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Even Hitler Hated Avatar Day

So we all know how Avatar Day went down: like a spent balloon. Partially booked theaters, underwhelming word of mouth. Not the rousing world-wide celebration 20th Century Fox was hoping for. The screenings intended to generate the buzz needed to launch Avatar with strong anticipation and big buzz-worthy opening numbers seem to be having the opposite effect. Only December will tell (and it may be way too early to prognosticate…. aw, screw it), but there aren’t too many people dizzy

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Showcase of Shame: Event Horizon

You know you’ve got them. Everyone does: Movies you’re ashamed to admit you like, much less own. We’re not talking about those late night movies you watch when no one thinks you’re looking– we’re talking about bonafide theatrical releases pummeled by critics with the left-right-uppercut combo of loathing and disgust. We’re talking about movies your friends pull off your shelf and say, “What the heck/*expletive*!?” The movies you know you’ll be mocked for and unapologetically watch anyway. Some come down

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