Paranormal Activity Update

Apparently the 66 people in Logan, Utah demanding Paranormal Activity come to our town isn’t quite enough to warrant the poop-your-pants scarefest to Cache Valley. Nope, instead the movie expands to 20 new cities, all of which are not named Logan. But if you live in the likes of Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, San Francisco or Las Vegas, you’re in luck (for the full list of expanded cities, click here). And again, if you want this The Blair Witch

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Trailer Tuesday: A Nightmare on Elm Street

I don’t know what 80s horror movie fetish Michael Bay has going on, but he’s at it again, producing the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, coming to theaters this April. Despite a great casting choice with Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) as Freddy Kruger, I have no doubt this movie will make some coin and then fade into the Hall of Suck with the rest of Bay’s scary remakes. Yeah, in case you’ve forgotten, he’s remade The Amityville Horror,

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Pandorum (Dan’s Take): **1/2

First, a confession: Open a film with a vast expanse of stars and you’ve instantly grabbed my inner geek by vice grip right where it counts. Put a knobby starship plowing through that expanse of stars to regions unknown and you’ve won my goodwill. Hello, Pandorum. As the most recent big screen addition to the grime-crusted house deep space sci-fi morphed into circa 1979, German director Christian Alvart’s Pandorum manages to kick off in disorienting fashion, nicely setting up unanswered

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Fame (Dan’s Take): **

Somewhere between the Oscar-winning geneses of 1980’s Fame and its 2009 remake, technology changed fame’s definition. Once the reward for hard work and craft refinement, fame has become the reward for cheaply hawking the three B’s (belly, breasts and butt). Where fame and the title of “celebrity” (IE- an individual worthy of celebration) were once purchased in the currency of dedicated sweat, it’s now easily traded via the narcissistically shallow efforts to amass a legion of social network followers with

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Obsess much?

Not a lot of posting this week at and for good reason. Well, sorta. You see on Tuesday, Bungie and Microsoft released the fourth game in the Halo franchise, Halo 3: ODST, and, well, I’ve been a little busy killing jackals, brutes, grunts, hunters and traversing the Las Vegas-like streets of New Mombassa. I offer no apologies. I am a Halo nerd. At any rate, I leave you with a live-action preview for the ODST game below. Oh, yeah,

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Trailer Tuesday: Valentine’s Day

For the most part, I don’t hate holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and their brethren are all good. They mean days off from work, sleeping in and general de-stressing from the daily grind. In fact, if we really want to shift the morale of the United States citizenry from crap to springtime, we should add more time-off-from-work holidays to the calendar. Still, I won’t lie, I do hate Valentine’s Day. Probably because you don’t get the day off, and

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Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Harry Brown

Michael Caine. The guy’s thespianized in both dreck (Jaws 3) and tentpole (Batman) and everything in between (The Cider House Rules), but he’s got that je ne sais quoi that keeps everyone coming back for more. Most recently, he’s become the lovable Grampa Caine personae of the Miss Congeniality and Children of Men variety, but before all that he was a gun-totin’ hard case in 1971’s Get Carter. Three cheers for the upcoming Harry Brown, then– it looks like we’re getting

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Eh, Okay, If You Say So

A few years ago a movie was made by Oren Peli called Paranormal Activity, sort of like The Blair Witch Project sans the trees and the witch. The movie follows a couple living in San Diego who buy some video equipment to film the spooks and specters they believe are haunting their house. Obviously not a smart move because, really, who in the hell wants to know what kind of mysterious shenanigans are happening whilst they sleep? Not me. DreamWorks bought Peli’s

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Jennifer’s Body (***)

The winds of change sweep into every avenue of our lives without regard to time or place. It can be the passing of a dear friend, a change in ideology religiously or politically, marriage, a new baby, a new job, or something seemingly inconsequential, such as hairstyles, fashion and music. But one thing will never change as long as Father Time keeps tick-tocking away: High school sucks. Some will disagree. They’ll say their four years of high school were nothing

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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (Dan’s Take): B

Unexpectedly pleasant movies are always a nice surprise. After Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball‘s  lackluster marketing efforts and a string of mediocre trailers, I’d all but written it off. Oops. Totally unfamiliar with the children’s book of the same name, I went in to Sony Animation’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with an unattached blank slate– a slate quickly loaded with a congenial array of off-center comedy and LOL zing. Who knew? Cloudy barrels forward with a technicolor

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