Dan Vinton BARELY edges Aaron Peck in 2010 KVNU Oscar Smackdown

Judge’s Note: There was some controversy this morning as a result of Dan Vinton selecting Colin Firth as a nominee for actor in a leading role, but labeling him as being in “A Single Man.” Because Colin Firth did not star in both films, it was clear to the judge, upon a second review of the results, what Dan Vinton meant. It is no more fair to let someone lose on a small mistake like that than to let someone win on a similar mistake. The intent of the pick was clear, given how easy it would be, when submitting a list of nominees, to surreptitiously mistake “A Single Man” for “A Serious Man,” especially when I made the mistake a few times while putting together the spreadsheet.

Both Dan Vinton of AndyAtTheMovies.com and Aaron Peck of Cache Magazine correctly picked 39/45 nominees in the big eight Oscar categories of Best Picture, Directing, the four acting categories, original and adapted screenplay…


The tiebreaker for the nominees was: How many total nominations will “Avatar” receive?

Well, the film received NINE nominations. What did our esteemed prognosticators guess, however?

Aaron Peck said…7.

Dan Vinton said…7.

So what do we do now? I refer back to my original e-mail to the contestants:

I’ll compile everyone’s picks, and whoever gets the most out of 45, wins. If there’s a tie, the tiebreaker will be as follows:

1) Total nominations for Avatar
2) Total nominations for Up in the Air
3) Total Best Picture nominees guessed correctly.
4) It’s just a damn tie.

Well, no one followed these rules except Harry, since I had to solicit tiebreakers from everyone post facto. I did not receive total nominations for “Up in the Air” from either Aaron or Dan, so we will mark them both as a ZERO.

That puts us at total best picture nominees guest correctly. Aaron Peck valiantly guessed 8 of 10 Best Picture nominees, but he was edged by Dan, who got 9 out of 10 correct, and by a NOSE HAIR, he will be named the 2010 KVNU OSCAR SMACKDOWN CHAMPION.

Peck, Vinton, Andy Morgan and Harry Caines all were challenged to select their picks for the nominees in the eight major Oscar categories of Best Picture, Directing, Actor in a Leading Role, Actress in a Leading Role, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Writing (Original Screenplay), and Writing (Adapted Screenplay.)

Peck chose 8/10 Best Picture nominees and edged out Harry Caines and Andy Morgan to place a close second. Harry Caines finished third with 36 correct picks, and Andy Morgan brought up the rear with 32.

Some of the most common missteps from the competition: Everyone selected “500 Days of Summer” as a nominee for Original Screenplay, however it was not nominated.

There were two categories where none of the selectors correctly guessed one of the nominees. All four men missed “In the Loop” from the Original Screenplay category and “The Messenger” from Adapted Screenplay.


10 comments On Dan Vinton BARELY edges Aaron Peck in 2010 KVNU Oscar Smackdown

  • Prize money can be mailed to me!

    AWH YEAH! Didn’t I tell you guys I would win? I thought so!

  • After recounting it, I still get Dan 38 Aaron 39. Where is Dan’s 39th pick to send it into a tiebreaker?

    Best Picture – 8
    Best Director – 4
    Best Actress – 5
    Best Actor – 5
    Best Supporting Actress – 5
    Best Supporting Actor -5
    Best Adapted Screenplay – 3
    Best Original Screenplay – 4
    Total = 39

    Best Picture – 9
    Best Director – 5
    Best Actress – 5
    Best Actor – 5
    Best Supporting Actress – 2
    Best Supporting Actor – 4
    Best Adapted Screenplay – 4
    Best Original Screenplay – 4
    Total = 38

    No tiebreaker needed. I’m not seeing where Dan sends it into a tiebreaker.

  • I always counted the Colin Firth nom by Dan. I was just joking about that. He’s still only got 38 right though.

  • It’s just a friendly competition… but you’re miscounting my Best Supporting Actress Picks. I predicted 3 of 5 (Kendrick, Mo’Nique, and Farmiga), not two of five.

  • I understand it’s friendly. I guess I counted wrong. My bad. The link to the picks doesn’t work now, but I’m sure you’re right. Congrats Dan!

  • About the noms, it’s a travesty that ‘(500) Days of Summer’ was snubbed in the Original Screenplay category for ‘The Messenger.’

  • Good job, Dan. You are Cache Valley’s most intelligent film critic and definitely know your stuff. Proud. Soooo proud.

  • If I’m following my heart (which I did via my pick for best original), it’s kind of sad to see (500) excluded, but light comedy stuff usually doesn’t carry the weight in Oscar voting time, so I’m not surprised to see The Messenger punch (500) in its animated bluebird.

  • Yeah, the more I think about it – despite loving the movie – (500) Days suffers the Oscar snubs because it bounces between feeling like the standard rom-com and a smart, thoughtful, independent movie.

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