Thanks for Screwing Me Over, Twihards!

Despite opening on 4,468 screens and having a rabid fanbase of emotional tweens, teens and housewives, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which I thought was a decent movie – easily the best in the Twilight franchise, isn’t even going to come close to Toy Story 3’s summer score at the box office. As of this writing, Edward and Jacob sit a cool $100 million behind Buzz and Woody. Hell, it hasn’t even beaten its predecessor, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. So,

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Trailer Tuesday: The Town

I watched Armageddon on Blu-ray a few weeks ago and even though I will bang the drum for the I Heart Michael Bay fan club, and argue that all his movies, including Pearl Harbor, are entertaining and wonderfully stylistic, I will not champion Ben Affleck for any acting awards any time soon. In fact, with the exception of a few roles, Affleck’s thespian skills deserve a hearty pruneslam. The animal cracker scene in Armageddon and nearly every moment where he’s

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What I Learned at the 2010 Comic-Con

By BRYCE CASSELMAN When people heard I was attending Comic-Con this year, they would often ask me if I was going to dress up. “No,” I’d say, “I’m a fan, not a freak.” I’ve used this response for a while now, mostly to defend myself against being mocked by the ‘normal’ people in my life, for enjoying the things that I love. However, what I discovered about those ‘freaks’ when I actually attended the convention this year…you know the folks

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2010 Comic-Con Report: Visionaries Panel with Abrams and Whedon

Bryce Casselman made the trek from Hyrum, Utah to San Diego California this past week for the 2010 Comic-Con. AATM appreciates him corresponding and sending news and impressions from the comic book festival. By BRYCE CASSELMAN At the 2010 Comic-Con Visionary Panel, entertainment juggernauts Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams sat down to talk about life, comic books and their upcoming films. Although Abrams was extremely tight-lipped about the upcoming film Super 8, he did say he was working with Steven

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Belated Trailer Tuesday: Due Date

I took a little R&R this past week in Garden City, Utah, so there wasn’t much posting going on. I’ve never missed a Trailer Tuesday, so while this is belated, it’s still valid. Longtime AATM reader Danny championed the new Due Date trailer last week after I posted the preview for Middle Men, and while he thought it was gut-busting goodness, I’m not that impressed and, subsequently, this makes me kind of pissed off. How can a movie directed by

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Trailer Tuesday: Middle Men Redband Trailer

By ANDY MORGAN The more I see of Middle Men, the more excited I am for its August 6, 2010 release date. And trust me, in this redband trailer, you get to see plenty of boobies and hear the f-word, but this movie is about the dawn of porn on the World Wide Web and the man who stepped in to establish the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment, so you knew it was coming anyway. I

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Trailer Tuesday: Let Me In

By ANDY MORGAN I finally saw Let the Right One In, the Swedish coming-of-age vampire tale, in March of 2009 after the thundering positive buzz had begun to fade, and maybe that’s why I didn’t fall in love with the movie as many before me had. There were elements of the movie I appreciated – the attention to small details, the icy, intense acting and the overall look and feel of the film, but in the final analysis there was

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender (F)

By ANDY MORGAN There are very few movies I completely and utterly abhor. Generally, I can usually find something positive or likeable in a film, even if said cinema is receiving disgust and scorn en masse from most fall-in-line movie critics. I relish the truth that I don’t always see eye-to-eye with most critics and can find some thread of hope in Hollywood’s efforts. Such is not the case with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. I literally hated every

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Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (B)

By ANDY MORGAN Making fun of Twilight fans and bemoaning Stephanie Meyer’s novels and the subsequent movies is almost as easy as drumming up sarcastic jabs about Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton or Miley Cyrus. There’s no effort required. It’s easy. And it’s also out of control. It’s almost as popular to dump on the vampire-werewolf franchise as it is all the rage to scoop up Team Jacob or Team Edward paraphernalia at Hot Topic. Every time I see a teen

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Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Made Me Crap Myself

By ANDY MORGAN I saw Paranormal Activity three times during its run in theaters last October and it scared the bejeezus out of me every time. Something about an invisible demon dragging a screaming chick down the hallway in her pajamas makes me pee a little in my pants every time. Apparently boatloads of Americans felt the same, because the movie made for $15,000 grossed over $107 million at the box office. I thought the concept was clever and well-executed

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