The Hangover II Trailer is a Big Fat Teasing Trailer Tramp

We’ve known The Hangover: Part II has been heading to theaters this Memorial Day (May 26, 2011) since Todd Phillips’ The Hangover was a financial and critical success in 2009, but we haven’t, other than casting, been given much and this teaser trailer continues in the same fashion. We know the movie is set in Thailand and it appears Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) are looking for their long lost pal, Doug (Justin Bartha), yet

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Apollo 18 Trailer Promises Paranormal Activity in Space!

I am a sucker for “found footage” films and have sung the praises of Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2. They aren’t Oscar fodder by any stretch of the imagination, but these movies knock it out of the park with exactly what they are supposed to accomplish, which is to give you the cinematic equivalent of a haunted house. In a nutshell, these types of films are less about the actual components of the film, but instead are weighted heavily on the in-theater

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Holy 1980s Remakes, Batman! MGM Goes Wild!

MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) announced this past December that it had risen from the bankruptcy ashes and, after some other internal restructuring, the studio is moving forward with James Bond 23 and James Bond 24, as well as the long-awaited, long-planned, two-part return to Middle Earth, The Hobbit. Both franchises hit theaters in November of 2012. Sam Mendes (Away We Go) is directing the next Bond film, whereas Peter Jackson (The Lovely Bones) is directing The Hobbit. The other good news, especially for

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Scream 4 Poster Reminds Me I’ve Never Seen a Scream Movie

I have never watched or had the desire to watch any of the movies in the Scream franchise, so chances are I won’t be running to the theater to see Scream 4, which is directed by Wes Craven (Red Eye), and stars David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. Scream 4 comes to theaters on April 15, 2011. Check out the new poster below.

I am Officially Pumped for The Amazing Spider-Man

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise died the minute Spider-Man 3 hit theaters. Instead of pushing forward with a fourth Raimi-helmed Spider-Man movie, the studio did the wise thing and went for the re-boot. When Columbia Pictures announced the hiring of (500) Days of Summer director, Marc Webb, my faith in the re-boot was bolstered. When Andrew Garfield was announced as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, I started to question my faith. However, after seeing Garfield in both Never Let Me Go and

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X-Men: First Class Trailer is a Big Bowl of Ho-Hum

Ugh, maybe I’m starting to get superhero-lag, but the trailer for X-Men: First Class does absolutely nothing for me. In fact, I take that back. I’m not sick of superhero movies, but I am done with the X-Men. Fans of the Marvel comic can flip me the bird all they want, but this franchise was over for me after Bryan Singer’s craptastic sequel, X2. X-Men: The Last Stand (directed by that tool, Brett Ratner) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were nothing

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Henry Cavill is Superman, and if there is a God, Lindsay Lohan won’t be Lois Lane

Batman and Superman were my favorite superheroes when I was a young boy and they are my favorite good guys as a 36 year-old father-of-two. I can still remember being at the drive-in theater and watching, mouth wide open, Christopher Reeve done the blue suit and red cape and soar to the top of The Daily Planet to rescue Lois Lane. When we got home, I safety-pinned a maroon towel around my neck, donned my blue pajamas (complete with underpants

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The Hunger Games Confirmed for March 2012, Plus More Casting Rumors

Little by little The Hunger Games movie is starting to gain some speed and movement, something that has to make fans of Suzanne Collins’ novels giddy with joy. First, Gary Ross (Seabiscuit)was chosen to direct, presumably and hopefully, the first of three movies. Ross was given a budget of $60 million and stated he hopes to begin production later this Spring. Since Ross’ hiring, the movie has been confirmed to be PG-13 and recently a casting director – Debra Zane

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Trailer Tuesday: Thor

Man oh man, I want to embrace the upcoming Thor movie in the worst way, and for three main reasons: First, I dig superhero movies, even though I never had a fondness for Marvel or Thor. Second, I’m keen on seeing how an unorthodox choice for director – Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) – stacks up to the gold standard of Nolan and Favreau. Lastly, even though they cast the guy off the Brawny paper towels package as

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Trailer Tuesday: I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four, like much of what is hitting movie houses now and in the near future, is based off a young adult science fiction novel, written by Pittacus Lore, a pen name used by authors James Frey (the dude who pissed off Oprah) and Jobie Hughes. After a slight bidding war, DreamWorks won the rights to make the film and assigned D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye) to direct the feature. I Am Number Four stars newcomer Alex Pettyfer (who

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