Trailer Tuesday: Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides

I’m sorry, but for all the Tom Foolery that was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, I can’t help but get juiced for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for a few reasons: One, it’s freaking Pirates of the Hawaii Caribbean, folks! Two, it’s one of the only roles where I actually enjoy – strike that, laud – Johnny Depp as being a good actor. Three, two words: Penelope Cruz. Yum. And finally, it’s summer! Yep, I’m just

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Superman’s Mom is Officially a MILF and Kevin Costner is Not

Zack Snyder has only officially cast three people thus far for his December 2012 reboot of the Superman franchise, aptly titled Superman: The Man of Steel, but the three choices are attention-grabbing and suggest the director is, as many superhero movies do nowadays, following the Nolan Format (like how I capitalize that?) and adding legitimate acting talent to the mix. As a fan of Superman, my fingers are crossed and my prunehole is clinched in desperate hope Snyder’s purveyor of

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Jennifer Lawrence is Officially the Girl on Fire

Remember the buzz earlier this week about Winter’s Bone star, and Academy Award nominee for best actress, Jennifer Lawrence, becoming “the girl on fire,” Katniss Everdeen, for the upcoming film version of The Hunger Games? Yeah, well, guess what? It’s true. Yesterday, Lionsgate announced that Lawrence is officially their Katniss, the teenage tribute from District 12 who goes on to become a revolutionary, and also the centerpiece for a nifty little love triangle this side of Twilight (Go Team Peeta!).

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Movie Review: Limitless (B)

I hate Bradley Cooper. I really do. Why, you might ask? Oh, I won’t beat around the bush at all. I hate him because he’s a handsome bastard and makes all the ladies go gaga. I’m 36, rock the love handles and my hair is turning grey, while Mr. Cooper is 36, svelte, has a hairdo that reminds Pat Riley of the golden years, and is one of only a handful of men who can routinely not shave and still look

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Larry Crowne Trailer Makes Me Smile

Amongst all the talk of nuclear reactor meltdowns, earthquakes, tsunamis and civil war in Libya, a trailer for this summer’s Larry Crowne hit the web yesterday, and I have to admit, I’m sold. Maybe a leprachaun spiked my Red Bull, or maybe it’s the bright blue skies hanging over Northern Utah today, but I doubt it. It would seem the chemistry and the comedy shared between Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks shines through full-force in this romantic dramedy, which is also

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Happy Wednesday to ME! Beckinsale in Black Leather!

The Underworld series of vampire vs. lycans movies are high on my list of guilty-pleasure cinema and a big reason for that pleasure comes from the oh-so-sexy Kate Beckinsale and the way she busts caps into werewolf booty whilst wearing tight black leather. I don’t go gaga over many Hollywood actresses, but Beckinsale is definitely one that makes my pulse quicken. The picture below is from the latest installment of The Underworld franchise (the last was Underworld: Rise of the

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Bridesmaids Trailer = The Hangover, but with Chicks!

This is the first time I’ve seen or heard anything about the upcoming (May 13, 2011) comedy, Bridesmaids, and odds are this movie will blow six ways from Sunday, but I’m holding out hope this flick will make me laugh as much as the trailer did. This looks like the chick version of The Hangover. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the soulless, unimaginative drones in Hollywood belched out a concept like Bridesmaids. Still, I cling

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What in the Name of Zeus’ Butthole?! Clash Moves to Avoid Katniss!

Just how popular are The Hunger Games novels and how explosive will The Hunger Games movie be? Just ask the folks behind Wrath of the Titans, the Clash of the Titans sequel due to hit theaters the same weekend – March 23, 2012 – as Katniss and Co. Wrath of the Titans saw the formidable fan base and hysteria surrounding The Hunger Games and smartly stepped out of the way, moving its swords and sandals mythology a week later, to

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Trailer Tuesday: Conan the Barbarian

I never saw the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Conan the Barbarian. My parents thought the R-rated sword and sorcery flick was a little too violent and a little too boobtastic for my eight year-old eyes. I did, however, see Conan the Destroyer in 1984, but that was PG and had been re-cut by director Richard Fleischer so it could secure the more kid and teen friendly rating. Too bad all those young people can’t exorcise the image of Grace

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