13 Assassins – A samurai film worth your attention

13 Assassins is a film samurai fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately, it might be difficult for many to see the film in any type of theatrical setting. Assassins was released in Japan last year, and is scheduled for release in the US today (April 29th.) No theaters in Salt Lake will be showing 13 Assassins this weekend or next. This could be due to the high volume of Hollywood blockbusters scheduled for release in the coming weeks (Fast Five, Thor…) However,

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Holy Bonerpants! Transformers: Dark of The Moon Looks Baytastic!

Say what you want about Michael Bay and poop all you want on Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, but Bay knows how to make a slick action movie. You can argue story and substance all day long, but you can’t debate beauty and bang, because that’s what Bay does best. This is completely evident in the newest and longest trailer for the third movie in the Transformers franchise, Transformers: Dark of The Moon. I watched this two and a half

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You Can’t Stop the Hunger Games Movie Train, Baby! Casting and Rumors Galore!

The Hunger Games movie continues to fill the roles for the film version of Suzanne Collins bestselling young-adult novel of the same name. Emma posted last week about the casting of newcomer Willow Shields as Katniss’ sister, Primrose, and since that news the filmmakers have also cast Katniss and Primrose’s mother (Paula Malcomson), the tributes from District Three (Kahlia Prescott and Ian Nelson), the tributes from District Four (Ethan Jamieson and Tara Macken) and, in what was rumored last week,

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Please, Bridesmaids, Don’t Let Me Down

MacGruber cut me deep last May. It cut me real deep. Maybe I was in a state of euphoria for the oncoming summer weather and movies, especially since I live in Utah, which, everyone knows is Indian for holy-googly-moogly-it-is-colder-than-hell, but regardless, a movie I thought was going to be pretty funny (mainly after the red band trailer) turned out to be nothing of the sort. In fact, I don’t think I really laughed. This is why I’m a little gunshy

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Signs of the Looming Apocalypse: Piranha 3DD Begins Production

I love movies where killer fish go wild on unsuspecting humans and when I say movies I really mean Jaws. Everything else is utter crap. True story. When Piranha 3D came out last summer, I held my breath and hoped for the best, as I always do with these types of movies. I thought the cast was decent and the plot seemed ripe for success. Boy, was I wrong. Piranha 3D was absolute crap. It was a cameo-fest for pornstars

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Happy Belated Trailer Tuesday II: Say Hi to Our Idiot Brother

How can anyone not absolutely not love Paul Rudd? Has he ever made a bad movie? Other than Dinner for Schmucks, probably not. He was fantastic in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, and I even enjoyed him in The Oh in Ohio. And let’s not even get started on his cameos. Bottom line: Paul Rudd is gold and is only going to get better. His next movie is Our

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Happy Belated Trailer Tuesday! Say Hi to Troll Hunter!

“Found footage” movies are all the rage in Hollywood. You can go back as far as The Blair Witch Project, but most recently we’ve seen Cloverfield, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2, as well as The Last Exorcism and the upcoming Apollo 18. I love movies like this, so it’s no surprise to me our friends in Norway have become fond of the genre, so much that writer/director André Øvredal has passed up zombies, vampires, poltergeists and aliens for something

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Kristen Stewart: ‘I Wanted to Puke Up Blood’

Entertainment Weekly has the latest compelling information about the upcoming release of the Nth edition of the Twilight series, Breaking Wind Dawn. In the expose, the actress of … one … facial expression laments the fact that Breaking Dawn had to maintain a PG-13 rating, and thus couldn’t get as graphic as the book with a highly anticipated wedding/birthing scene. “I would have loved to have been puking up blood,” Stewart told EW. If only she knew how pleasant puking

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LOTR Extended Edition Coming to Theaters

The Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Limited Extended Edition is slated to be released on June 28th.  TheOneRing has reported that the extended editions of all three LOTR films will be re-released in to AMC theaters.  On June 14th The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition will hit theaters, followed by The Two Towers: Extended Edition on June 21st, finishing up with The Return of the King: Extended Edition on June 28th (the same day of the Blu-ray release.) The Limited

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The Change-Up Trailer Made Me Spit Out the Precious

And by the precious, I mean my 16 ounce sugar-free Red Bull. Maybe you don’t like it, but it is precious…to…me. I digress. The Change-Up, sliding into theaters on August 5, 2011, looks like Freaky Friday got in a head-on collision with a porno movie, and for a guy like me, who loves Urban Dictionary.com, this movie looks like pure win. Be forewarned though, the trailer below is of the redband variety, which means your boss might not appreciate words

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