MTV VMA’s Hunger Games Clip Big Time Disappointment

Just got done watching the MTV Video Music Awards in anticipation of seeing my first look at footage from the highly-anticipated movie version of The Hunger Games, and all I have to say to the filmmakers is this: Seriously? WTF? I sat through a virtual two hour freakshow so I could see one minute of Jennifer Lawrence running through the woods, mingled with a little Liam Hemsworth voice-over and Rue’s four note whistle? That’s it? Wow. Just wow. This one

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A Hunger Games Sneak Peek at MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards! Yippee!

First of all, I don’t get why they are called the Video Music Awards. Did somebody working for MTV type it backwards and had a rough day and the last thing they wanted to do was change it? That would make sense because when I’m at school and I’m way more tired then usual (I wake up at six in the morning people) and then I misspell something I am too lazy to change it. Anyway, some time during the

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Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Angry Demons!

I love scary movies. Not in the way you’d love baby kittens or a pony, but in the sadomasochistic fashion where I enjoy the rush of adrenalin that zips through my body moments before I have the ever-lovin’ bejeezus scared out of me by some sort of heart-stopping, poop-your-pants boogeyman on the big screen. Over the last few years, this addiction has been thoroughly satiated by Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2.  These voyeuristic haunted house movies make me laugh and tinkle in my

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Who’s Who in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

After several months stalled at page 253, I recently finished Stieg Larsson’s first novel in his “Millennium Series,” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I am beyond happy I dug in my heels and finished this taut crime thriller. Larsson is impeccably deliberate and loves pacing the reader along methodically. My love of the book is making me super anxious to see David Fincher’s (The Social Network) movie of the same name, due in theaters on December 21, 2011.

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Now THIS is Podracing! Lucas’ Red Tails Trailer Hits the Web!

I’m struggling to describe how I’m feeling about Red Tails, the long-awaited, oft-mentioned, Tuskegee Airmen action film directed by George Lucas Anthony Hemingway. Part of me, the portion who loves World War II movies steeped in history, drama and action, is excited for a film about these valiant airmen who, in my opinion, don’t get near enough recognition for the sacrifices they made for their country despite their country not embracing them or giving them the inalienable rights every human being deserves. It’s

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Trailer Makes Me Want to go Huddle in a Corner and Cry

I think the title said it all. This looks creepy. Maybe it’s because the little creatures look like messed up bats or maybe because they speak freaking I have no idea except for the fact that this,sir, is scary crap. I mean if you watch this and say it is not scary you have issues my friend.  Don’t be Afraid of the Dark is about a girl named Sally who goes to live with her dad, Alex, and his girlfriend, Kim.

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Review: The Help (A+) The Smurfs Don’t got Nothing on it!

This week I went and stayed at my Aunt Kathy’s for three days and we went and saw The Help. This hands down is the best movie this year. Emma Stone (Easy A) brings to life the journalist Eugenia Skeeter. Skeeter is a funny, sweet girl who wants to be a famous writer. When she gets a job at a local newspaper she is assigned to write a question and answer column for the help. She has no idea how to

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Gosling’s Drive Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

I never thought in a million years I’d be looking forward to September and the autumn line-up of movies more than I was looking forward to this summer’s slate of popcorn, blockbuster goodness. Thanks to a big fat dose of meh, fall will bring more than a change of color to the leaves, but will also bring Drive, a new “action drama” starring Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love.), Carey Mulligan (An Education), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Albert Brooks (Finding Nemo),

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Haywire Trailer Actually Makes Me Excited for JANUARY! WTF?!

January in Utah is expressed best with two small words: pure crap. This hellish winter month is adorned with sub-zero temperatures, freak snowstorms that turn Utah drivers into Idaho drivers, and enough inversion and putrid air to give anyone stepping outside the black lung. Yeah. That’s right. I hate January in Utah. Thanks to Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Traffic), this January might be a titch better. Not only is Mr. Soderbergh directing the butt cheek-clinching thriller, Contagion – due in theaters

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Captain America Director Talks Jurassic Park Re-Boot and Boba Fett

Oh, man! Just the what the world needs right now! More Jurassic Park and more Star Wars! Please, dear Lord in Heaven, make this not happen. Yes, according to the traffic whores sleuths at (HA!), Joe Johnston, director of Captain America: The First Avenger, says a Jurassic Park re-boot is coming down the pike, and he has a Boba Fett movie in mind for George “Hollah for Dollahs” Lucas. So what is fact and what is fiction? Well, Steven

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