Signs Jesus is Returning: Titanic 3D Trailer

I hate 3D. I abhor 3D. I absolutely loathe 3D. Am I making my point? It’s gimmicky and adds zero benefit to a movie, except to make a few kids in the audience “oooooooh” and “aaaaaaaaaaah” until the trickery and amusement wears off. With that said, I’m fine with 3D speckling the myriad of cartoons aimed at young kids, but adding it to the Oscar-winning – and damn fine film, I might add – Titanic is nothing more than James

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The Hunger Games Trailer is Here! Finally a Reason to See Breaking Dawn!

Sweet Mary Mother of Moses, it’s about freakin’ time! I’ve been waiting for a full-length trailer for The Hunger Games since the day Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian series of young adult novels. I wasn’t a huge fan of the teaser trailer shown during the MTV Video Music Awards back in August, but this two minute and thirty seven second preview is well worth the wait. As a huge fan of the

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The Hobbit in 3D… In Jackson I trust

Lets get this out of the way. I hate 3D movies. I saw Chicken Little in 3D years ago and am still trying to recover from the experience. When it comes to 3D movies, I ask myself… Does a movie in 3D add anything to the story that wouldn’t be there in 2D? Most of the time, I think that answer is no. After watching Transformers 3 in 3D earlier this year I promised myself that I would never again

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