2012 is REAL! The Web Says It’s So

untitledIf you’re into viral marketing, you might want to check out a few links. With disaster-miester Roland Emmerich’s 2012: Trailer For The End of the World hitting theaters just in time to brighten your holidays, the hype machine needs to get crackin’. And crackin’ it has got…ten.

Take, for example, this website a crazy Woody Harrelson put up: Thisistheend.com. Or this John Cusack look-alike who just wrote a book about predicted doom in 2012. Or this website for I.H.C-. No, not Intermountain Health Care– The Institute for Human Continuity. And while IHC may sounds artsy, they’re really the guys responsible for preparing you for the end of days when Planet X rolls into town.

Yes, Planet X.

Planet X, a huge ol’ planetoid predicted to realign our poles, vaporize our oceans and blow apart our cities with superheated radiation when it passes by earth somewhere around 2012. Thing is, that part isn’t made up (Google it!)– there’s a whole conspiracy-theory survivalist community built around the idea of Planet X. Back in 2002 or something, I heard a coworker fretting about this Planet X hitting in 2004 or 2005, pulling out all the circumstantial stops to prove it. Being a guy who’s easily freaked by cataclysmic predictions, I lost some sleep over it for a few days. Luckily, 2006 was an uneventful year and I was able to gain my sleep back. Regardless, I guess now for Mayan convenience Planet X’s arrival has been moved back to 2012.

In the mean time, that’s good for this movie and its viral marketing, because 2012 has no chance of making any money if it’s released after Planet X punches earth in the softies.

2012 arrives November 13, but lucky for this story, a new-footage Japanese trailer arrived today.

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