Latest MAN OF STEEL Trailer Smells of OMGs and Tons o’ Cash!

I’ve been giddy as a schoolgirl for this summer’s MAN OF STEEL ever since the teaser trailer debuted last summer in front of Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. It was bittersweet to know THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy was finished and we’d never see Christian Bale don the cape and cowl again, but the promise of something else spectacular and tantalizing has been wonderful. I know they’re just trailers and high hopes can be easily crushed with some deceptive marketing for a

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The Wolf Pack Saga Whimpers to a Close with THE HANGOVER PART III

GRADE: D Remember back in 2009 when audiences were abuzz about what tigers dreamed of, whether the said striped jungle cats preferred pepper over cinnamon, and exactly who was the tiny, naked violent Asian man springing from the Wolf Pack’s Mercedes? Cast your mind to 2011, when we wondered if this was a magic show, and where a chubby, bearded dude purchased his awesome golden lab t-shirt and how that and a traditional Chinese hat seem to be the perfect apparel

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IRON MAN 3 a Predictable, Entertaining Entry in the Tony Stark Saga

Robert Downey Jr. is, without argument, one of the finest actors working today in Hollywood. He may have fallen completely from grace for a period with on-again, off-again substance abuse issues, but his resurgence, beginning in 2005, has made him a household name. He’s not only a stellar actor, but also a surefire bankable box office star. He brings charisma, wittiness, intensity, and his trademark cheery sarcasm – delivered with absolute pinpoint precision – to every character he portrays and,

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