KVNU Movie Show: “Hey, Optimus, Say Hi to your Mother for Me”

If you missed the KVNU For the People Movie Show on Friday, we talked about TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION and my non-hatred of Michael Bay’s filmography. It’s too easy to crap on Michael Bay and I won’t hop on that bandwagon. Also, he likes to blow shit up and I like watching shit blow up, so, you know, we complete each other. I also generally enjoy Mark Wahlberg, especially when he (or Andy Sandberg) talks to animals. Click here to

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SNOWPIERCER Looks Amazing, But in Cache Valley we’ll Get Three Helpings of Michael Bay

Look, I’m not so high-minded to thumb my nose at Michael Bay movies, as is the norm among my film critic brethren. His films are low on story and high on explosions and sexiness, and I’m okay with that. They don’t pretend to be anything but loud, blockbustery fun. Still, even though I could be labeled a Michael Bay apologist, it makes me sad that his TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION will dominate the screens at the three Larry H. Miller

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THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART I Teased in President Snow’s Icy Address to Panem

It makes me said to write the words “THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART I,” because it reminds me too much of writing “THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART I.” Nonetheless, I’d watch Jennifer Lawrence in THE HUNGER GAMES QUADRILOGY whilst being punched in the man parts by Jean-Claude Van Damme a million times before I’d suffer through one more minute of Stephanie Meyer’s cinematic crotch punch. With that said, check out the minute-plus viral video below, where the salty

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I apologize from pulling you away from the buttloads of STAR WARS VII rumors swirling the web, but this STAR WARS trailer has a little GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY flair to it and you must watch forthwith! Okay! Now that’s done, please return to you regular scheduled rumor mill. Today’s gem? Tom Cruise has a cameo in STAR WARS VII! 2015 can’t come soon enough. Sigh.

KVNU For The People Movie Show: 22 JUMP STREET

I wanted oh-so-badly to like 22 JUMP STREET, but despite the greatness of Lord and Miller, as well as all the wink-wink jokes of how terrible sequels generally turn out, I found this unfunny and kinda boring. GASP! I know. I know. At any rate, lend your ear to this lovely podcast of the KVNU For The People Movie Show where we talk about the not-so-funny 22 JUMP STREET.

KVNU For The People Movie Show: Tom Cruise vs John Green

What a great weekend for movies! Fans of the John Green young adult novel – THE FAULT IN OUR STARS – can unleash the sniffles and tears in the darkness of the theater, or fans of Tom Cruise can hit up EDGE OF TOMORROW and wonder why in the flying eff a movie with such terrible trailers and horrible marketing can be so ever-lovin’ fantastic. We talked about both of these gems and you can relive the wonder that is

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