A Dish on Non-News, (Aliens, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Predator!) But We’ll Cover it Anyway

20th-century-foxHoly Moly! It’s like Christmas morn! Of course, that’s only if your Christmas morn consists of opening a huge, brightly wrapped package from 20th Century Fox and pulling out a single slip of paper that reads, “Rain Check…Maybe”.

For the genre geek fans– there’s some interesting “news” (and by news I mean more like hints and stuff you may already know, just in different sentences) coming out of IESB and a red carpet interview they did with Tom Rothman, the love-him-or-hate-him head of 20th Century Fox Studios. 20th Century Fox holds rights to quite a few properties that receive endless, slobbery smooches from some pretty dedicated fans– properties including Aliens, Predator, the Marvel titles Daredevil and Fantastic Four and James Cameron’s upcoming super-stealth project due this Winter: Avatar.

A couple items from the interview– one with a follow up from last weeks Predator re-boot post:

  • The Predator reboot is fully in the hands of Robert Rodriguez– completely handed over to his studio to do with as he pleases. If you’re a Robert fan, yay! If you’re not… well, sorry.
  • An Alien prequel (long rumored to explore the alien home world) is being “talked about” with Ridley Scott. Of course, this “news” item has been floating around since you were floofing your bangs, spiking your part and pegging your pants. Ridley’s always had interest in it and the same “news’ pops up a couple times a year, every year… so take it for what it’s worth: Another big, dirty tease.
  • As is known, Daredevil is being looked at for a reboot, hopefully looking to remove the audience boot that was left up Ben Affleck’s bum-parts last go around.
  • Fantastic Four is “no comment”, which usually means something is probably happening, but who knows and really, after the last two, who cares.
  • Avatar is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! Rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric…. CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW MOVIES!! To be honest, I don’t care if this kind of talk is party-line hype– I’m just stoked to see anything new from Cameron that doesn’t involve seawater.

To check the interview, click over to IESB from right… about… here.

4 comments On A Dish on Non-News, (Aliens, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Predator!) But We’ll Cover it Anyway

  • Robert Rodriguez is hit and miss for me. I can see a “Predator” reboot via his talents as a pretty cool movie, but it depends, to me, on what he’s shooting for. If it’s just to be gory (see “Grindhouse/Planet Terror”), then I think it will flop hard.

    An “Alien” prequel would be awesome, with the right director. If Ridley returned to this, I would welcome it with open arms.

    As for “Daredevil” and “Fantastic Four,” no thanks.

    OH, and I’ll poop myself over “Avatar” when I see trailer or something substantial. Until then, my heart will go on.

  • Andrew A. Morgan, I’m with you on all counts.

  • Alien and Ridley? oh hell yes.
    Daredevil reboot? Are you retarded? Who’s in charge over there?

    ..And lol im with you on Cameron doing ANYTHING that doesnt have to do with Titanic for the love of all thats holy!

    Bring on the Avatar!

  • Come on, man…you know Ben Affleck in tight red leather made you giddy with joy.

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