A Perfect Getaway Trailer Ruins Hawaii Before God Does

It’s no secret I love Hawaii. If it was a woman, I’d marry it. A man, even. But let’s not go too far down that road, because the following trailer may have ruined all that for me. Ok, no.

Every summer you’ve got a late-season junk thriller/actioner that pops up and makes a run for a dark horse weekend. Into the Blue was one such film. Red Eye was another. Last year we saw Death Race and Mirrors. Two of those four are proudly displayed in my Showcase of Shame. Both, incidentally, were not released in 2008. But so much for old memories. It’s summer 2009 and this year we’ve got A Perfect Getaway.

Set on the island of Kauai, Getaway stars Steve “I can be funny and serious” Zahn, Timothy “Hitman sucked- I’m sorry” Olyphant and Milla “I’m hot even if you don’t think so” Jovovich. The kicker? It’s written and directed by very capable craftsman and genre ingenue David Twohy of The Arrival, Below, and Pitch Black fame. At the outset, this one looked like dumb fun, but now I’m all pumped up on anticipation and blind devotion.

Check out the trailer below.

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