A-Team is ON, Fool!


What, you don’t recognize that? That’s the textualized theme from the 80’s TV action extravaganza about ex- special forces turned do-good mercenaries, The A-Team: The show that introduced the world to Mr. T. and a young, impressionable Dan to the fact guns are only used for making dirt shoot up the ground around people’s feet. Casting was only just filled out, but the The A-Team is already cranking in full-on production and is well on its way to hitting theaters next year.

Directed by Smokin’ Aces and Narc helmer “Smokin'” Joe Carnahan, an ex-CHUD contributor who definitely worked that angle better than I ever did, the movie A-Team stars Liam “You took my daughter, now I’ll kill you” Neeson (Hannibal), Sharlto “Thanks, District 9!” Copley (Murdoch), Bradley “I’m the new hotness” Cooper (Face) and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (Mr. T B.A. Baracus,– which on TV used to stand for “Bad Attitude”). To be honest, I’m hopeful. I’ve got no ties to the show, but it did have a fun group of characters who shot guns and blowed stuff up and tricked bad guys– a group this new cast should provide plenty of fun with.

And speaking of… some dude hiding in the bushes with a big ol’ telephoto lens snapped a bunch of on-set pics with the new guys in action and costume. Want to see the “new” look of the A-Team? Click here.

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