A Trailer for Both Gentlemen and Broncos

Jared Hess. A man birthed from the Mormon Movie massacre of 2002-2004 and shot from the cannon of obscurity to cultural zeitgeist with Napoleon Dynamite. A man subsequently handed the reigns to an underrated and unappreciated Jack Black Luchador comedy from Paramount and then…. silence.

Until now! Jared Hess is back with the comedy Gentlemen Broncos– the epic tale of a young sci-fi writer’s quest to overcome the plagiarizing forces of  old sci-fi writer Ronald Chevalier (as played by Flight of the Conchords Jemaine “It’s Business Time” Clement). In what appears to be weighted with the Hess’ (i.e- Jared and collaborator/wife Jerusha) now trademarked retro/kitsch set design, garishly retro costuming and deadpan actor-ing, Gentleman Broncos promises to be… well, at the outset, offputtingly weird, inaccessible and humorless.

I feel downtrodden just watching the trailer.

But hey– here’s to Jared and Jerusha, whose Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre retain a warm spot of endearment in a cockle of my heart. May Gentleman Broncos not be as weak and self-humoring as it looks.

Gentleman Broncos hits only select theaters in limited release come October.

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