Andy Morgan is a resident of the thriving metropolis of Hyrum, Utah, and has lived in Cache Valley ever since his parents moved from Florida in 1976. He is married with two children and has been in love with movies his whole life. His first film critic gig came at the ripe age of 10, when he was the movie critic for his elementary school newspaper and reviewed CAT’S EYE.

Andy returned to writing reviews in 1999 for Utah State University’s school newspaper, The Utah Statesman. He started writing reviews for The Herald Journal in 2000 and moved to the KVNU For the People Movie Show and started in 2009.

Along with his movie reviews, Andy also wrote a humor column for the Utah Statesman and his writing has garnered awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Utah Press Association. Andy is also a member of the Utah Film Critic’s Association.

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