Alamo Drafthouse Simultaneously B-Slaps and Mocks Movie Texter

There is nothing in the world of cinema that boils my beans more than bad movie manners. The movie theater is a sacred temple of entertainment and there are hordes of mindless miscreants in every screening that feel it their God-given right – just because they paid $8 (or more) – to talk, text and play games on their precious cell phones during a screening. It’s not so much the act that sends me into a hot rage, but the thoughtlessness and selfishness running through their brains. Have some respect.

That’s why this little commercial from the Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin, Texas-based theater chain that serves beer and scrumptious food at its locations, is beyond hysterical and completely classic. This is one part PSA and another part heavey-handed mock/bitch slap to eek revenge on this airheaded texter who calls the Alamo Drafthouse to complain about being booted for texting during a movie.

Just as a side note, the customer’s language is uncensored (and comical).

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