Alien Rumored to Have Caught R1B1 Reboot Flu

alienHorror site Bloody Disgusting has broken a rumor that 20th Century Fox is planning on doing what many geeks and even film purists would call the unthinkable: remaking Alien.

I’m fine with rebooting a franchise in general, but this one makes no sense whatsoever. 30 years after its release, Alien holds up incredibly well and still serves as a pattern from which movies are made and patterned wholesale. A remake of the film seems incredibly shortsighted, especially with the years of prequel talk and a mythology that’s ripe for continuation down other avenues beyond revisiting the original.

In what can only come as small consolation, original director Ridley Scott is slated to produce, with new guy and Scott Free (Ridley/Tony Scott’s production company) veteran Carl Rinsch directing. There’s some potential here, fanboyism aside, but hopefully this stands as simply a rumor or wires crossed with another project.

Seeing as how reboot mania is all the rage, I’m a little pessimistic with a slight chance of optimism.

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  • I think I’ve caught R1B1 as well…in that if I hear of one more thing being “Rebooted” I may vomit.

  • The idea that movies can’t be remade is born out of fear and a mindset that Hollywood is only motivated by money. Frankly, I like seeing other filmmaker’s interpretations of movies gathering dust on the “classic” shelves. The Grail Knights that guard these “sacred treasures” need to get over themselves and let go. If it’s such a big deal, don’t go see it.

  • Like I said, I’ve got no problems with remakes. And not even a necessary problem with this one. It just seems… lazy.

  • Yeah, I see what you mean, but I think “Superman Returns” was a lazy remake/reboot, so if it’s in that vain, then yes. But if they can add something new, something that doesn’t feel token-ish, than bravo and go for it!

  • Honestly I don’t care what movies they do really, and in some cases it turns out awesomely (see also:Star Trek.)

    I just get tired of hearing/reading the word “Reboot.” It’s like when Titanic came out and every radio station played “My Heart Will Go On” every 20 minutes.

    There hasn’t been this much rebooting going on since the release of Windows ME.

  • Agreed, Andrew. Agreed!

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