Angels & Demons and the Sharply Worded Letter

angels-demonsFor everyone fretting about how the Mormon church has been treated by way of Big Love and Proposition 8 protests, it’s always nice to have a reminder that you’re not the only one who feels picked on.

Apparently, advocates of the Catholic Church are steamin’ mad at Ron Howard’s treatment of their religion (i.e- the church has villainous priests) in the forthcoming Angels & Demons.

Whenever anyone starts complaining about how a film unfairly portrays a character or group, my eyes roll back into my sockets and I end up bonking my head on the table after falling asleep. One person or group of people as portrayed as crazy, rabid or scandalous doesn’t make the whole population so. Stories need conflict. Conflict needs villains. Villains need identity. In most cases, these identities aren’t real. IE- in the real world, child-molesting priests aren’t indicative of priestly behavior, the same way polygamy loving couples on HBO aren’t indicative of practicing Mormon faith.

So put away your pitch forks, your boycotts and your sharply worded emails and either see the film or don’t. Don’t make the rest of your crew out to be a bunch of knee-jerking kooks. That way, everyone wins. And take it from me, winning is fun.

In the mean time, Ron Howard’s straightforward and balanced response can be found here (and by here, I mean *gasp* The Huffington Post).

5 comments On Angels & Demons and the Sharply Worded Letter

  • Amen, sir. Well said.

  • I cannot wait to see this movie!! I liked this book even more then “The Da Vinci Code”…..

    Good point about the knee-jerk reaction in claiming discrimination…pllllease…

  • I liked this book better too than the Da Vinci Code, except the end was a little over the top, but most of Dan Brown’s are.

  • I have no intelligence to add to this post.
    I would however be delighted to hear Tom Hanks uncontrollably yell “Bubba Gump Shrimp!” just once in the film.

  • I’m with Danny…BUBBA GUMP all the way boy! I will be seeing this for sure. JJ even resisted reading the book to add to my enjoyment (he is a terrible person to see movies with once he has read the books).

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