Another Indiana Jones Movie in the Works

Indiana-Jones-5This is such a non-story I almost didn’t publish this post, but hey, who doesn’t love Indiana Jones, right? Even after George Lucas and Steven Spielberg took a big dump on the Indy franchise with Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I still get a little giddy when thinking of more Indy adventures. So, here is exactly what Harrison Ford said about the likelihood of Indiana Jones V:

The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.

That doesn’t mean jack squat. Another movie isn’t technically “in the works” and the comment about George Lucas actively at work on a new screenplay sends shivers up my spine. That man single-handedly destroyed the Star Wars franchise and, as I said before, they nearly flushed the Dr. Jones down the toilet in May of 2008 with aliens, snakes-for-ropes and crazy tree swingin’ monkeys.

If they want to make another Indiana Jones movie, fine. But here’s a piece of advice. Start over. Do some prequel action and give them a more gritty feel. Reboots are the rage in Hollywood right now, so why not cash in?

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  • I think you are right…Nathan Fillion would be a great choice!

  • I’d kind of have to sort of disagree with you there. I don’t think gritty is the way to go for Indiana Jones at all. They’ve always been a throwback to the adventure serials of the 30’s and 40s and that’s what gives them their charm and identity.

    And yeah, if there’s anyone to put the blame on for swinging monkey-friends, it’s Lucas. That just feels like his shtick. But the Aliens/nuking the fridge– that’s all Frank Darabont’s fault.

  • I don’t know, Raiders of the Lost Ark, while campy, definitely has some grit. And Frank Darabont wasn’t listed as a writer in the credits, so I don’t blame him. I blame Lucas, Koepp and Nathanson, all the dudes credited with the story and screenplay.

    But back to gritty – I suppose what I’m trying to entertain and suggest is a restart, a re-thinking, specifically in prequel form. I don’t want old man Indy and I don’t want teenage Indy. Give me a 25-30 year old Indiana Jones, a solid story, some grit and some light humor. Nothing over the top, like in Kingdom.

    Mark my words: A 5th Indy will make some dough, but it won’t be hailed as a jewel in the franchise – just like the Star Wars prequels.

  • Lucas is a retard and whatever he touches these days ends up being turdtastic.

    Spielberg should have done whatever he could to get Connery to atleast pop his head in on this last one.
    It would have brought it up a notch and id add it to my collection.
    That and the fact Spielberg has a boy crush on Shia brought the movie down another notch for me.

    The kid is alright but damnit he gets on my wick.

    Ive always liked Harrison Ford but after he fell out of his Hoveround power chair and hit his head then put an earing in his left ear something was lost that day. Id lost the last of the real men actors id grown up with.

    Thats like John Wayne getting a nose ring, Wtf were you thinking Harrison!..
    Anyhoo i wish River Phoenix handnt coked it up after finishing up his “do not do drugs” commercials cause he might have been a kick ass grown up Indie.

    Either way if this happens Stevie and George are gonna nub it up.

  • “And Frank Darabont wasn’t listed as a writer in the credits, so I don’t blame him.”

    He’s not, but his original script, which is what Lucas and company used as their blueprint, is the genesis for those moments. They’re in there– that was part of the controversy– he wasn’t listed as writer on the film, despite most of his original story being lifted wholesale. I’m sure he looks back on it now and goes, “whew”.

    I see your point about the grit in that Raiders had some by way of its violence. I suppose I equate grit to something a little more coarse, dark and less light-hearted. I see Children of Men as Gritty. Indiana Jones, by comparison, is like a bubble-gum filled scoop of sunshiney sherbet by comparison

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