Another ‘Meh’ Poster for The Lovely Bones

the_lovely_bones_3As I have said many times before on, The Lovely Bones is one of my favorite novels of all-time. When it was announced Peter Jackson was directing, I did a little Hobbit Jig of Joy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong are fantastic movies, so I wholeheartedly trust Jackson with this novel I hold dear. But my Sixth Sense of Cinematic Doom has been at DEFCON 1 after seeing the how and what of The Lovely Bones marketing plan. This movie is flying under the radar and I’m not sure why. Is it pre-Oscar stratagem, or do the brains at the studio just not in sync with my expectations? I suppose we wont’ know until the film is released and we meander into The Golden Globes and The Academy Awards, but for now, here’s another lackluster poster for the movie. 

Click the image above to supersize and let us know what you think. Am I being too harsh? Is The Lovely Bones on your must-see holiday films list?

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