What I Learned at the 2010 Comic-Con

By BRYCE CASSELMAN When people heard I was attending Comic-Con this year, they would often ask me if I was going to dress up. “No,” I’d say, “I’m a fan, not a freak.” I’ve used this response for a while now, mostly to defend myself against being mocked by the ‘normal’ people in my life, for enjoying the things that I love. However, what I discovered about those ‘freaks’ when I actually attended the convention this year…you know the folks

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2010 Comic-Con Report: Visionaries Panel with Abrams and Whedon

Bryce Casselman made the trek from Hyrum, Utah to San Diego California this past week for the 2010 Comic-Con. AATM appreciates him corresponding and sending news and impressions from the comic book festival. By BRYCE CASSELMAN At the 2010 Comic-Con Visionary Panel, entertainment juggernauts Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams sat down to talk about life, comic books and their upcoming films. Although Abrams was extremely tight-lipped about the upcoming film Super 8, he did say he was working with Steven

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The Losers Movie Review (D)

When I was ten, I used to have a lot of imaginary adventures with my friends. Many times we’d be army guys, stuck in some impossible situation, fighting against overwhelming odds, and, I’m embarrassed to say, there was usually a lot of overacting along the way…enter The Losers. The latest movie by relatively unknown and unproven director Sylvan White, The Losers began in 1970 as a war comic set during WWII and then re-imagined in the ’90s with its heroes

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