Kristen Stewart: ‘I Wanted to Puke Up Blood’

Entertainment Weekly has the latest compelling information about the upcoming release of the Nth edition of the Twilight series, Breaking Wind Dawn. In the expose, the actress of … one … facial expression laments the fact that Breaking Dawn had to maintain a PG-13 rating, and thus couldn’t get as graphic as the book with a highly anticipated wedding/birthing scene. “I would have loved to have been puking up blood,” Stewart told EW. If only she knew how pleasant puking

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Worth Seeing: Scream 4

I don’t like “scary” movies. Never have, just don’t get them. As for the Scream franchise, I saw the first one more than 10 years ago, may have seen Scream 2, but can’t remember, and certainly didn’t see the third “shriekquel” in the series. I did, however, find myself sitting in the theater to watch Scream 4 Tuesday afternoon, however, and boy did I have a blast. This movie is worth seeing. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself seriously at

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The Dark Knight Rises adds even more Inception flavor

I hope Andy will forgive me for hijacking his website (he probably forgot I had a username and password) to share this news that makes me very giddy in my nether regions: Warner Bros. officially announced today the addition of two more Inception alumni to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises.   Marion Cotillard will join the cast as Wayne Industries board member and Bruce Wayne gal-pal Miranda Tate, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will portray John Blake, a Gotham City cop

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Dan Vinton: The God of all Oscars

He won the Oscar Nomination Smackdown and now, Daniel Vinton has won the title of God of All Oscars with a win in the KVNU/ Oscar Pick’em contest. The contest was close, with the Best Picture winner (“The Hurt Locker“) determining the winner of the challenge. Dan’s 37 points bested second-place Andy’s 34. Tyler Riggs and Aaron Peck both pulled a 33, while everyman Harry Caines brought up the rear with a 28.

Dan Vinton BARELY edges Aaron Peck in 2010 KVNU Oscar Smackdown

Judge’s Note: There was some controversy this morning as a result of Dan Vinton selecting Colin Firth as a nominee for actor in a leading role, but labeling him as being in “A Single Man.” Because Colin Firth did not star in both films, it was clear to the judge, upon a second review of the results, what Dan Vinton meant. It is no more fair to let someone lose on a small mistake like that than to let someone

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Trailer Tuesday: Reliving my MLMS days with “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

When I was a student at Mount Logan Middle School during the tender years of 1995-1998, I hated it. I (almost) everything about it. But after seeing the trailer for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid“, I want to go back. I want to relive it, because now I FINALLY realize how meaningless and stupidly funny it all was. We’ve needed a movie like this for a long time. Honestly, cinemadromes have been devoid of juvenile junior high-level humor since the

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‘Avatar’ to Andy: Suck it!

Andy, three weeks ago: “Avatar has no chance of upending Titanic.” Andy, two weeks ago: “It’s very unlikely that Avatar will replace Titanic as the top grossing movie of all time.” Andy, one week ago: “Avatar could beat Titanic.” Andy, today: “Pwned.” The socialist Canadian Broadcasting Company reports: James Cameron’s 3-D blockbuster Avatar has toppled one of the many records set by his earlier epic, Titanic. Kapuskasing, Ont.-born Cameron’s science fiction extravaganza spent a sixth consecutive week atop box offices

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“Red Dawn” goodies get you giddy for a Chinese occupation

On KVNU’s Movie Show Friday night, Andy and Dan delivered a brief preview of the biggest movies that will come to theaters (unless the movies, you know, make you think, in that case Westates won’t bring them to Logan) in 2010. One of the movies they mentioned, the remake of “Red Dawn,” reminded me to start doing a little Googling to find morsels of information about the updating of the 1984 Cold War thriller that made every teenage boy in

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