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You may remember Andy’s note from a few weeks ago when Fox announced it would be screening a chunk of James Cameron’s Avatar in select IMAX 3D Theaters across the country (and wooooooorld!).  In a pretentiously named move to make an event out of a film whose hype machine seems to be getting a very, very slow start in creating general audience awareness (or even gernal anticipation), 20th Century Fox has now assigned a date to “Avatar Day” and it’s… August 21st.

No word yet on if Salt Lake City will be receiving the goods (locations will be shortly forthcoming– I mean, it is August 13th already), but if we do I’ll bet one Dan and Andy will be there to view the 3D/movie immersion “revolution” when it does. That is, if we can get tickets since, you know, it’s first come first serve… which means you must visit the website on Monday the 18th at 1 p.m. MST and click away hoping you’re lucky enough to get a ticket. Since we’re in Utah, where anything free creates a stampede of greedy cheapskates and a catalyst for otherwise uninterested parties to line up simply because it’s free, chances are slim. Pass that grilled KFC, sucker!

Track the site minute by minute right here to induce a migraine, as inevitably the server will go down or you’ll get to the final page only to time out as tickets are gobbled up faster that you can say “I’d have paid for it”.

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  • I emailed the IMAX theater @ Jordan Commons and they confirmed that that theater was NOT selected by 20th Century Fox for screening the Avatar footage on the 21st.

  • The race is on to find out where it’ll screen. I’ve got a car gassed and ready to head to Denver.

  • Or there’s always Clarke Planetarium. I’d be mildly surprised (but not TOO surprised) if Utah didn’t get a screening.

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