Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD April 22!

If you were of the 12 people in America who didn’t see Avatar in theaters and didn’t help fill James Cameron’s wallet with $732 million, then you can pre-order your DVD or Blu-ray copy of Avatar today from Amazon.com. It was announced yesterday the all-time highest grossing domestic and worldwide movie will hit stores on April 22 – which, by no coincidence, is Earth Day.

However, if you want special features, pretty menus and all the bells and whistles, you’ll probably want to wait for November. According to SlashFilm.com, this April 22 release is bare bones and a meatier multi-disc product will most likely hit stores in November, although probably not in 3D. I’m sure we’ll hear more details about this and the re-release of Avatar when James Cameron speaks to the press on March 23. Word on the street is the re-release will be an extended cut.

I’m crossing my fingers we’ll see an extended connect-the-hairy-ponytail-usb ports scene in the jellyfish Lite-Brite tree. I don’t know about you, but after two viewings of the nearly three-hour movie, those 12-foot Na’vi chicks were lookin’ kinda hot.

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11 comments On Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD April 22!

  • Such horseshit.

    This is why i have absolutely no problem torrenting your films.
    Cry thief! Cry piracy! Cry justification!

    Justify the cabinets full of dvd’s and bluray’s i’ve purchased over the years and the constant double dipping by studio’s releasing films that have been deliberately lobotimized by some fat prick studio suit who’s only agenda is money money money.

    Just how much can we get away with screwing our fans(customers)out of every last penny we can before people wise up and stop buying their product.
    And here i am ranting and yet im that same retard who will be there day one plunking down my cash for Avatar on Bluray.

  • I’m sure your Kung Fu is strong, but your justification is weak, Danny. There’s a major edition coming down the line.

    Rent in April. Buy when the real edition comes out. Triple dipping is only egregious if you’re dumb enough to buy day and date.

    Stand with me, Danny. Shoulder to shoulder we’ll keep our dollars and vote for the ultra-James Cameron Super Blue edition when it comes out later this year.

  • I’m with Dan. I won’t be buying this.

  • Bah i say!

    This commin from the hurt locker twins! ;)

    Theyre pullin this same bull with LoTR Trilogy, its not only a blatant money grab its cheap used car salesman tactics, for instance i must have 3 different Aliens editions from the “uber” box set to the “super f’n duper chest burstin” edition and im TIRED OF IT! TIRED I TELL YA!

    /Sigh..Fine ill stand shoulder to shoulder with ya but im grabbin me some ass too.. ^.^

  • It’s settled then!

  • wow…Andy, you actually called yourself a retard? so very wrong man.

    • Lucy, welcome to a blog…I know, it’s a new concept for some. See, I posted and then people comment. So the word “retard” you can actually attribute to Danny, not me. Learn how to read.

  • Dan did Andy just call me a retard? Damn bro..

    Why’s he gotta hurt on a brotha?

  • I’m beginning to think there are people out there who cruise the web and Google “retard” so they can “poo-poo” the usage. That’s retarded.

  • I’m telling dad you said retard

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