Avatar Trailer Arrives

With just a few months before its release, James Cameron’s Avatar— the “event” film most general movie going audiences should have been talking about six months ago as far as 20th Century Fox is concerned– has received a trailer. The whole film is still an enigma, so I’m not sure that giving a non-narrated encapsulation of the film is the best way to explain the plot to folks unfamiliar with it, or whether this film even looks as revolutionary as everyone claims it is. But I don’t care. For my money, it’s a James Cameron film, it’s got Space Marines and it’s got alien planets and critters. So while the trailer doesn’t have me doing backflips, it does look pretty cool as, at the least, escapist/fantastical entertainment.

In the mean time, Utah’s “fly-over” status remains intact as Avatar Day has decided to leapfrog our IMAX theaters all together, wishing us well until December. But hey, enjoy the trailer.

To see an enlargened and higher res version, click here.

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  • I wasn’t expecting much when I clicked play, but I have to say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. It’ll be interesting to get the full scope of that movie on the big-screen. It’s James Cameron, so I can’t imagine it sucking.

  • It’s got the stuffs I loves, but it all feels vaguely familiar (which is ok, but it all feels “seen” before). I’m all for it– and Cameron is rad squared– I just wonder if general audiences will be interested enough to make it the resounding success it needs to be?

    Were that 20th Century Fox wasn’t so stuck up, and we could experience it as it was made to be seen : IMAX 3D. It’ll be interesting to see the feedback coming in from the screenings tomorrow.

  • What i do know is Cameron’s back.

    That trailer kicked much ass and i for one cannot wait to see this visual tour de force.

    Its not going to be “the reader” or “schindlers list” but who gives a rip. Is it supposed to be? No.
    Sure its going get torn apart and dissected for not being something it never set out to be in the first place.

    This is simply Cameron saying “Im back!” lets have some fun!

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