Avatar Wins Weekend Box Office and Golden Globes

Avatar hauled in another $41.3 million at the box office this weekend and leapfrogged Star Wars to become the third highest grossing domestic release of all-time. Another weekend like this and it will assuredly pass The Dark Knight. All of the sudden passing Titanic, something I thought was impossible last week, isn’t so insurmountable now. Plus, you have to expect a surge of interest with Avatar winning best picture and best director at The Golden Globes this evening. I’m a little split on whether or not I should be surprised in that regard. I loved Avatar, but personally, I would have given the nod to The Hurt Locker or Inglorious Basterds before handing the awards statue to the Cameron and his cadre of 12-foot tall blue aliens.

Oscar nominations will be announced February 2, 2010 and the awards telecast is on March 7, 2010, so we’ll see how much momentum the Golden Globe win gives Avatar heading into Hollywood’s biggest and most prestigious awards ceremony. Personally, I think Avatar has the best picture Oscar wrapped up, but then again I was hoping Slumdog Millionaire would receive a swift kick to the cinematic balls. Next to Shakespeare in Love, Slumdog Millionaire was one of the most over-hyped, bland best picture winners in recent memory. I’d probably stick Crash into that basket, too.

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  • Hurt locker? Bleh..overrated
    Basterds? I agree somewhat, the film kicked ass.

    Hate to say it but i called it, Avatar=Movie of the decade, period.
    Is it perfection? no, does it push the envelope? yup, i dont care if it IS smurfs in space, is it a good story? dur.. Yes.

    The mocap animation will quickly become obsolete and im sure the film will eventually look stiff compared to things to come, specially if Cameron does Battle Angel, but for now its the Terminator 2 of 2010.

  • Statistical projection disagrees with you Andy. It is a near certainty that Avatar supplants Titanic as the No. 1 grossing movie of all time, and it's going to happen in the next six weeks.

  • I think you need to watch The Hurt Locker again, Danny Boy, but I also have no qualms with Avatar winning. It's a fantastic movie.

  • It's “all of A sudden”, not “all of THE sudden”. Got it?

  • I feel safer knowing guyincity123 is on the beat and policing the internet's mean streets for grammar thugs.

    Andy, you're on probation, Bitch! Three strikes and you get another perfunctory grammar lesson from the po-po! Got it?

  • Hahaha! That's what I get for posting late a night. Thanks, Guy. Got it.

  • I found more tension between Katheryn Bigelow and James Cameron on who was gonna win the globe than the entire runtime of the Hurt Locker.;)

    I kid, i kid..it was a fine film(i did give it a 2nd watch and liked some scenes more and others even less) im really not bashing it, i simply feel it wasnt THAT good, its definitely not something id bluray or watch again.

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