Award Season: A Serious Man

2009_serious_manOh yeah!

Award season is here, which means films that weren’t released wide or screened to critics may end up on our docket. It also means we’ll be posting reviews which aren’t as “timely”.

Instead of posting the full review and enduring the reprimands of the calendar conscious, we’ll post a cute little snippet. If you like what you see, you can choose your own adventure and click the blurb to read the whole thing.

Or don’t. What do we care.

Dan’s Take (C):

A Serious Man is a film asking for repeated viewings–all of which would continue to unwrap more insights– but whose initially dry deliberation intentionally creates a barrier to entry. A Serious Man is pinpoint accurate in its dour insight and poker-faced delivery (truly–there are perhaps a mild chuckle or two to be found here- nothing more), but in a world where most everyone’s had a year where they’ve absorbed as much abuse as Larry does, it’s just not that compelling.

Andy’s Take (D+):

…I appreciate the love and devotion given to the story and characters by the Coen brothers, but on the other, I just can’t recommend this picture to anyone who isn’t looking for the movie equivalent of a root canal or prostate exam.  Some will say I’m a killjoy with my assessment, but most of those beret-wearing snobs have their head buried so far up the ass of independent film they do cartwheels over cinema that borders on the sadomasochistic. Just because a film is labeled as art doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable. Such is the case with A Serious Man.

2 comments On Award Season: A Serious Man

  • Amen. This movie was brutal. Even the lone nudie scene was viewed on a miniature television and I couldn’t make out any of the good stuff. Very sad.

  • lol @ anyone going to a Coen Brothers movie for nudity!! While you’re at it, go rent “Fargo”. It’s got two sex scenes in it and shows practically everything!! Will even put you in the mood for flapjacks;)

    btw, chalk this one up an another film that I need to catch up on.

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