Batman 3 Gets All Official

In the event you haven’t heard, Chris Nolan must have Inception almost completely tied up: all of a sudden Batman 3 is scheduled for a July 2012 release date.

As is, that’s a very quick turnaround schedule for a big film we haven’t heard much of anything about for the last two years. Batman Begins to Dark Knight had the benefits of a three year production schedule– Batman 3 gets two. While a lot of the casting is already in place, there’s still actor schedules  to be adjusted, script hammered out, etc. But hey- that’s movie geek stuff.

In the mean time, the good news is that Batman 3 is finally on the table and hurtling toward its 2012 release date. That way, when the the world is exploding, sliding into the ocean and being perforated with comets and rhetorical “told you so’s” from everyone we now think is crazy, at least you’ll have your Batman 3 Bluray to cling to.

6 comments On Batman 3 Gets All Official

  • Hellz Yeah mafucker!!!!!!!!

  • I just can’t see in a million years how this movie could possibly suck. I eagerly await news of who the villain might be.

  • First, let me say that Inception is THE film I’ve been waiting for this summer.

    While it may be a quick turnaround (nowhere near a quick as IM2), but my guess is, as soon as Inception went to post, or towards the end of post (which would’ve been towards the end of last year), the Nolan brothers went to work on the story/script for B3. Also remember- between BB and TDK, Nolan was able to make The Prestige and that didn’t hamper, nor effect, the quality of TDK in the slightest. I have zero doubts in the Nolans.

  • Agreed. Now the question is – who are the players in B3? Alfred, Lucius, Bruce/Bats…but then who? Oooooh! I can’t wait!

  • SKG- True. I forgot about The Prestige. I don’t doubt the Nolans– I’m just kind of in awe of their ability to crank out dense, interesting films that never dip below “good” on such a quick turnaround basis.

    • Here’s another question: If Jonathan Nolan is handed the reins to Superman, can he live up to the standards brother Chris has set so high?

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