Batman: Dead End

After reading about the tragic suicide of actor Andrew Koenig, best known for his portrayal of “Boner” during the 1980s on television’s Growing Pains, I was surprised to learn he played the Joker in one of the best fan films I’ve ever seen, Batman: Dead End. Apparently this short movie premiered during the summer of 2003 at the San Diego Comic Con, but I wasn’t aware of it until Dan showed it to me last year. I’ve posted the movie below. It’s eight minutes long and was directed by Sandy Collora, who, as of this writing, has made a feature film called Hunter Prey (See the trailer here). I couldn’t find any information about a release or DVD, so my guess is you’ll have to keep checking Netflix for a release date.

At any rate, if you haven’t seen the video below, check it out. Nothing could be cooler than Batman, the Joker, Aliens and Predators, right?

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