Belated Trailer Tuesday: The Last Exorcism

Normally this time of year I’d say the doldrums of Fall cinema are upon us and then bide my time until the heavyweights appear in November and December, but since the summer was so uneventful and uninspiring (save a handful of movies), I’m actually excited to move on and start screening some of the possible Oscar nominees, namely The American, Lovely, Still, The Town, Let Me In and The Social Network, to name a few.

One movie hitting theaters this weekend, that won’t be an Oscar contender, but could possibly scare the prune sauce from your prunehole, is The Last Exorcism. Directed by German independent filmmaker, Daniel Stramm and produced by Generation X’s godfather of gore, Eli Roth, The Last Exorcism is, in a the simplest terms, the Paranormal Activity/Blair Witch Project of exorcism movies, meaning the story is told with the idea the footage has been “found.”

You can watch the trailer for The Last Exorcism by following this link, but check out the embedded video after the jump – it’s from a viral marketing campaign for the movie where the dregs of society, hoping to catch a glimpse of boobies on the web, find their sphincters shrunk when a titillating girl fails to show her hoots and instead rolls her eyes back and goes full demon.

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