Black Dynamite Talkin’ Jive Soundboard

Thanks to AATM reader, Danny, for posting this link in the comments section of the “Please Jesus Don’t Bring Wesley Snipes Back as Blade” post from a few days ago. Apparently I don’t know crap and am the Antichrist because I suggested Mr. Snipes needs replacing. Guess what? He does and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to tear down their Passenger 57 poster and return their copy of White Men Can’t Jump to the video store. It is waaaay overdue.

But I digress.

Black Dynamite is a fantastic movie, one for the gilded, glistening halls of the Showcase of Shame, and  a masterpiece sure to serve of hearty chuckles at future Mankends. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you click the soundboard below (thanks again, Danny!) for a taste of the mighty jive talkin’ laughs that await you.

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