Blade 4 Needs a Re-Boot, Not Wesley Snipes

I might be the only person on the planet that actually enjoyed Blade: Trinity. But I blame that on my man-crush of Ryan Reynolds, my lust for Jessica Biel and my thorough enjoyment of Blade and Blade II. I have no problem with more Blade films hitting theaters, but I do have one request: No more Wesley Snipes. Yes, according to MTV, Snipes has a raging boner for more Blade, (you can read/watch his full comments here) but the highlights are as follows:

He has a thinly veiled disdain for Blade: Trinity director David S. Goyer.

  • He wants a larger, more multi-racial cast.
  • If a fourth film is made, it will reflect a maturity and better understanding of the genre.
  • All I have to say to that is, WTF? I think Wesley has an over-inflated sense of his worth.

Hopefully the folks over at New Line realize that the love of all things vampire is cresting right now. I think they have a small window of opportunity to go back to the drawing board and re-boot the Blade franchise, i.e. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Incredible Hulk, and really inject some new life into a kick-ass comic book character. In order to do that, Snipes has to go.

What do you think? Want more Blade? Want to see a re-boot?

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  • Yes,I want more Blade please. But I want it to rock like the first one did. I enjoyed all three, but the first was the best. Snipes has to go. This fourth film has to be harder than its predecessors,less comic book and it needs some nasty villains. It needs a hero who doesn’t look as though he thinks he’s invincible. It needs to be convincing. Can it be done? Yes,it can.

  • kevin eubanks

    No Snipes, no Blade. Are u kidding? Just make a great script and let snipes do his thing. I remember when good writing came first. Then find the right cast. You got Snipes already.He IS Blade. Just let him act, not direct, not control the making of the film. Let him be the hero and overcome his own demons like in real life. Can anyone write a Blade role that will allow that to happen on the screen? If you can, you’ll have Blade back and deeper than ever.


  • First off, the thought of a Blade reboot is just senseless. The original Blade wasn’t like the Ang Lee version of the Hulk. The movie debuted summer of ’98 and still stands, to this day, as one of THE BEST comic book to movie incarnations EVER. It literally changed the game as far as that genre of films go. I still get goosebumps just remembering the opening scene of the original film. Snipes is Blade. To make an attempt to resume the role of Blade with anyone else is laughable at this point. Oh and btw, Alex. Your credibility with this reader was already in question with the subject of this article. Thanks for driving the point home with your public admission of liking Blade Trinity. You probably liked the ill-conceived, short lived USA tv show of the same name too.

  • I disagree, JetBlack. A re-boot is the only way for the franchise to continue. And a re-boot WITH Snipes is senseless. Spider-Man 2 was one of the best comic book movies (and I agree with you that Blade was one of the best, as well), but Spider-Man 3 was crap and I think that franchise is going in the right direction with a restart. Blade needs the same thing.

    BTW, I agree, the USA tv show is crap. Also, you can mock my public admission, but at least I’m honest. We all have guilty pleasure movies and Blade: Trinity is one of mine. Remember we all have opinions. They are like assholes. Kind of like you and Darkman, who apparently needs a translator because I didn’t understand one damn thing he said.

  • LOL. Asshole?!? Get under your skin a little, Alex? I tend to do that when I beat illogical people over the head with logic. Please, don’t be silly and try and compare the Spiderman series to the Blade Trilogy, because the ONLY thing they have in common is the fact that they are both comic book adaptations. Blade, as great of a Marvel character as he is, is a niche comic series. Relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of the world of Marvel. Spiderman is the Superman of Marvel. Their bonified cash cow. They will always “reboot” those movies. And it has far less to do with the movies being crappy than it does the fact that the studio will be guaranteed a $200+ million dollar payday. Just as DC did with Batman throughout the 90’s. Every one of those films were reboots, save Batman Returns, and we all know how those movies turned out. It’s all about the script writing, cast, and director. Snipes is Blade. No matter who comes after him if they decide to reboot, will always play second fiddle to the original casting of Snipes as Blade. And that puts your reboot in a negative light before the film even begins production.

  • Illogical people always get under my skin. You’re claim of logic is absolutely false. You just said “it’s all about the script writing, cast and director,” which I wholeheartedly agree with. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight proved that. In fact, I’d say script and director come first, then cast, at least in a niche film. I never thought Christian Bale would work as Batman, but the foundation behind his acting is what powers him in the role and what makes the movies fantastic on all fronts. That’s why I don’t think the next Blade film NEEDS Wesley Snipes. With the right director and script, someone else can play Blade. To continue I think the series needs new blood on all fronts (no pun intended). That is my opinion and we’ll see how it plays out. One other note: I’d make the argument, even though I like Blade: Trinity, that Blade and Blade II are the better films because, again, of the screenwriting and directing, not because of Snipes. Sure, he fits the part, but he doesn’t carry the franchise. If you hate the third film so much, then you’ll also see the Wesley Snipes didn’t carry that to greatness by himself.

    I suppose what I’m hammering at here is you’ve given no backing as to why Wesley Snipes IS Blade and why he should remain Blade. You seem to contradict yourself with your opinions. Mine is simple: I like the character; I’d like to see more films; I don’t think they can continue while holding on to fragments of the last three, including Snipes. A complete re-boot is needed and warranted. Again, that’s my opinion.

  • Andy,

    Dude what the fuck NO SNIPES equals NO BLADE..what a dumbass

  • Obviously, Andy, you didn’t read my quip about what DC did to the Batman franchise IN THE 90’s. Clearly, that doesn’t include the EXCELLENT Nolan directed films of the 21ST century. However, I will give you one argument so far, and that is the fact that I haven’t stated why Snipes HAS to be Blade. But I assumed that even you, who clearly has some vendetta against Snipes, would know that Wesley Snipes is one of the absolute best male black actors in the world today. Behind Denzel, and maybe Laurence Fishburn. His resume, while tremendous, wallowed in relative obscurity until Blade surprised everyone in 1998. The film put Blade and Wesley on the map. Of all the great and not so great films he’s been a part of, most people still think of him as Blade. It would be like trying to cast someone to fill Harrison Ford’s shoes as Indiana Jones, just because the Crystal Skull wasn’t that well received. It would be better just to end the franchise indefinitely, and resurrect it many years later, when a reboot would make some sense.

    I think you’re gonna find that many people are gonna oppose your opinion about Snipes, and a Blade reboot, because the original Blade is far too new, and far too great of a film to try and do all over.

  • Fair enough, JetBlack. While I disagree, I think you bring up valid points. Thanks for explaining more about Snipes.

    BTW, as a side note, I don’t have a vendetta against Snipes. I actually enjoy his movies and have enjoyed him as Blade. For me, personally, I’d like to see a re-boot. We’ll see what happens.

  • I agree with Andy.

    Snipes has to go.
    For one his career isnt what it used to be, that and he’s no spring chick anymore and we all know how Hollywood loves them the young pretty boys, especially in comic based films. Would i like to see him comeback? meh..

    He was terrific as Blade, hell he WAS Blade, im a huge fan of the first film, but shall we also bring back Chris Christopherson as his witty sidekick?

    And lets be honest, from the sequel on(<3 Del Toro)the series slowly went into the shitter..the scripts were weaksauce.

    Jetblack's Quote
    "because the original Blade is far too new, and far too great of a film to try and do all over."

    Im not the sharpest tool in the shed but did i misplace 12 years somewhere?
    To say its too soon to reboot Blade is not even logical..its been well over a decade..hello?..Have you and Hollywood met? When was the first Spiderman filmed? Yeah..
    Also you speak of Blade like it was a huge commercial success and it won oscars, it didnt.
    They would reboot this in a hearbeat with Tyler Perry as the lead if they thought it could bring in 200 mil.

    ..And if Indiana Jones does happen, Harrison's out and Shia La Fuckface is in..well there goes your logic out the window again..

  • Oh wow…Well Danny I’ll just work my way backwards on your diatribe. If Shia were to replace Harrison, surely you’re sharp enough to understand that it wouldn’t be a reboot, but a continuation of the franchise. Not quite the same thing. Not once, did i EVER make mention that Blade was a huge commercial success. And that was a large part of my whole point. A great movie, which Blade was, and commercial success very seldom go hand in hand, as a matter of fact. Marvel isn’t looking at Blade like Spiderman. How many Superman, Spiderman, and Batman movies have there been OVER THE LAST 25 YEARS? Over 10? I’ll guarantee over the next 25 years there will probably be AT LEAST 10 more of the aforementioned franchise’s. Those are the 200 million dollar paydays that the studios will always reboot just to make that cash. Blade is a relatively new Marvel character, and is nothing more than a niche. The character doesn’t have the iconic status that the others do. So it would take a tremendous amount of sudden comic book popularity in order to do to Blade, with the repeated reboots, as the studios have done with the other bigger comic book characters. As a matter of fact I would venture to say that Wesley has done as much for the character of Blade as Blade has done for Wesley’s career. So people will always identify Snipes as Blade.

    Danny I do agree with a couple of things you stated, though. One is Snipes’ age is definitely a factor against him, and Hollywood LOVES those new young faces. HOWEVER, name one young black up and comer that can be put in the same class as Denzel, Snipes, and Fishburn.

  • i know most people will disagree but i think michael jai white should do it. he obviously has the martial art skill. his low budget movies are good. yeah i know spawn sucked like hell but thats because it was todd mcfarlen’s first directing role and he had new line restrictions for the movie. i think with a good director and script he will prove perfect, but thats my opinion and i more then understand if everyone disagrees

    • @ Voajus

      michael jai white is a terrible actor and couldnt pull it off

      • Not any worse than Snipes, at least in Blade. It’s not like he was “acting” too much. Give another guy Blade’s haircut, sunglasses – all his trademark appearance items – and that guy is blade.

        I liked Wesley as Blade, but his time is done. Time to move on.

  • Michael Jai White is dynamite.

  • Lol…I LOVE Michael Jai White. I’m in the gym 5 days a week trying to get into as good of shape as he is. (getting close too. 6’0″ 212 with 8% body fat!)However, there is a good reason why he’s been relegated to the bowels of the movie industry. He’s not the best actor. He has the looks, and he can be very brooding, but not quite 1st tier talent.

    Good suggestion though.

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