Blade Runner Receives a Mooning

moon-doubleRight now, even as you read this, there’s a grundleload of highly anticipated movies lining up for their crack at your summer dollars. I’m all kinds of jazzed about seeing one in particular and can’t wait to toss my dollars in its face: Moon. Yes, Moon! I know, huh.

Thing is, I love this stuff– the somewhat pessimistic and spooky stencil of human insignificance against the cold, black unknown of space. The spartan existence of the men and women who seal themselves into hurtling aluminum and tin foil canisters built by “the cheapest bidder”. Then again, maybe it’s just that space suits and space ships are cool– which is why I realize Red Planet and Mission to Mars are crap, but give them a pass just for astronaut spectacle anyway. 2001 and Sunshine, however, are not crap… but here I am digressing.

Duncan Jones, the director behind Moon and also the psychedelic fruit of David Bowie’s loins, is prepping for work on his next project. From the way he describes it, the film sounds like a bromantic letter to the love-it-or-hate-it-but-it’s-still-influenced-a-million-films-since Blade Runner.

“…I don’t think it’s right to make a sequel about Blade Runner, but no one’s really tried to make a film which was set in the same kind of world or had that same kind of field. So that’s what I’m doing, a big-city mystery story that takes place in a future Berlin.”

While Blade Runner has faults, it’s a seminal piece of film making and a sterling example of world immersion. Thus Duncan, to you I say, “Bravo, sir. Bravo.”

The  Duncan Jones interview, which covers some of the science behind Moon, can be found in its entirety at Popular Mechanics*. Be warned, however– the interview reveals a major spoiler. Read at your own risk.

In case you missed the heads up given by Andy on Saturday, click here.

*Thanks for the tip, CHUD.

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