Bloom (or wilt) Your Interest in the Brothers

According to the good word of a secret Hollywood source who constantly battles throngs of pimps, whores and thieves, The Brothers Bloom is both fun, whimsical and charming. I’m willing to believe what I’ve heard and will be making every effort to see it on or before its release on May 29.

You, on the other hand, may not be. Maybe you need a little prodding.

Should that be the case, today’s your lucky day. Give a mighty thanks to director Rian Johnson, Summit Entertainment and Hulu as they’ve posted the whole opening sequence to The Brothers Bloom for you to view free of charge (and allow you to realize why watching movies on a computer is for the birds). Personally, I don’t think showing the first scene, which is wholly carried by children, would give the tone of the film itself as the rest is all about the Brothers Bloom all growed up, but it’s cute and whimsical anyway.

Or so I say.

Judge for yourself:

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