Brad Pitt Climbs Every Mountain…

… of dead mother effin’ Nah-zees he can find!

Inglourious Basterds and the advertising company it hired has some graphic artists working serious overtime (unpaid, of course… you’re salaried, suckers!). The Inglourious ones have pounded out no less than 18 posters. That’s 17 more than most other films, including My Sister’s Keeper. Think about it.

Nonetheless, they’re all lovely, cheesy artifacts worthy of wall hanging. Enjoy the latest, which is, morbidly, probably my new favorite.


4 comments On Brad Pitt Climbs Every Mountain…

  • I worry about this movie a little bit. It looks like the typical Tarantino quirky/dark/gory cinematic melange, but from what I’ve read, it’s kinda long and not like his other movies. While I personally have no issues with filmmakers branching off into new territories, I wonder if his core viewers, as well as those he’s lured by with posters and trailers, will think the movie is up to snuff if indeed it is long, different and not at all what the posters advertise.

  • Yeah, it’s supposedly long, but rumors have been going back and forth about Tarantino cutting it… or not. I’m sure the posters are trumping up the action/reenge portion of it, but I don’t mind because they’re AWESOME.

  • Oh, I’ll definitely see this…I’m still pining for it.

  • Im ready for some serious Kraut killin! Yee Haw!

    Oh i kid..

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