Brad Pitt is a Basterd

brad-pitt-is-a-basterdIf you tuned into KVNU’s “Andy at the Movies” segment yesterday, you got to hear Mr. Dan Vinton go all Anakin Skywalker on Quentin Tarantino’s new late summer release, “Inglourious Basterds.” Dan says it’s a must miss, I wholeheartedly disagree. I think the movie looks fresh, original and darkly funny – all elements that have made Tarantino’s previous work golden.

But I digress.

Really, all I wanted to show you were three new-ish posters I stumbled upon this morning on the web. The Brad Pitt one is spot-on and I’m sure Jennifer Aniston would agree. What say ye? Do you like the posters and is this a must-see or miss?

Click the poster to the left for a full-sized version, as well as the thumbnails below.

inglourious-basterds-a    inglourious-basterds

5 comments On Brad Pitt is a Basterd

  • Its a must see.

  • I’m just not into brutal violence for the sake of “oh cool!” violence.

    But these posters are fantastic nonetheless.

  • Hmmmmm. I see what you’re saying and I think I agree, because I don’t find Eli Roth’s films (Hostel and Hostel 2) appealing whatsoever. That, to me, is gore porn. But I am forgiving of brutal violence when there is a compelling story to boot – i.e. “The Descent,” “Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan.” And “compelling” doesn’t always mean serious drama. I think if you start with story and add violence, you can pull it off. If you start with violence (i.e. Roth) and add story, you’re probably going down the wrong road.

  • Agree with Andy.
    You know your gonna get a healthy dose of violence in a Quentin flick but your also gonna get solid, snappy dialogue with a decent if not awesome story.

    ..Yes i said snappy.

    Hostel was garbage.

  • Andy nailed my point. It’s a fine line and one I’m usually willing to walk. Unfortunately, Roth is selling (and most marketing thus far has been in this vein) this film as the unappealing latter. Hence my trepidation. I’m happy to be shown wrong.

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