Breaking Dawn Image Reveals Sexytime for Ed and Bella

We are still months away from seeing any sort of teaser trailer for Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your Twihard fix right here and now with this image of Edward and Bella doing the mattress dance in the fourth installment of the vampire-werewolf-human soap opera. I haven’t read the, ahem, novels – and you can be damn sure I never will – but from what I gather, there are some downright head-shaking, cuckoo moments in Stephanie Meyer’s incredibly popular novel. My guess is the image below takes place on Vampire Sex Island, where Ed and Bella honeymoon and wake-up to a feather-fiesta from all the rough vampire porking the night before. But don’t worry, there shouldn’t be anything to make you blush too hard, as Breaking Dawn is set for a PG-13 rating and the filmmakers don’t want to alienate their fanbase by getting too graphic.

At any rate, enjoy the picture!

(Part I) hits theaters this November and the second installment whisks into cineplexes almost a month before the end of the world (It’s true! Just ask George Lucas!),

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