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brunoYou’d have to be hibernating in a dank, drippy cave for the last three years to not know about the movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” and it’s hilarious star, Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen is also famous for his characters Ali G and Brüno, the latter of which is coming to the big screen this summer (July 9, 2009) in what is sure to be another controversial and crude film. I can’t wait!

For the uninitiated, Brüno is a homosexual Austrian television reporter who interviews real, unsuspecting people about fashion, entertainment, celebrities and homosexuality. Like Borat, the whole idea is to catch people in their raw form, oftentimes with their bigotry on full display.

If you want to check out more about the movie, you can head over to Brüno’s MeinSpace page, or you can watch the redband (only for 17 or older) trailer below. Be advised, there is swearing and some brief nudity in the trailer. With that said, while watching the redband preview I promptly spit my Red Bull all over my computer monitor.

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  • I have to admit…I’m one of the 17 people on earth that did not find “Borat” funny.

  • Really? I think Cohen’s characters have no middle ground, you either love it or hate it. Why didn’t you think it was funny? Did you think it was too mean spirited?

  • I honestly don’t know if I could accurately phrase why I didn’t find it that funny. It just didn’t connect with me. I enjoy mean-spirited humor as much as the next sarcastic ass (which my wife assures me that I am,) but there was just something about it that caused me not to be able to fully enjoy it.

    I may have to watch it again sometime, perhaps after having a few beers. Perhaps my opinion would be different. There’s been a few movies I’ve had to watch twice to appreciate. For example, the first time I watched Super Troopers I thought it was completely stupid. The second time, I about died laughing. Perhaps Borat would be similar for me.

  • For some reason I said “perhaps” way too many times in that second paragraph.

  • Solid gold!

  • I think you should give it another shot. I couldn’t breathe during the nude male wrestling scene between Borat and his buddy in their hotel room. Thinking about it now makes my cheeks hurt.

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