Captain America’s Red Skull Revealed and He Looks Pissed!

Listen, I love superhero movies, but I don’t know jack about the comic book side. Call me lazy, uninterested or whatever. I prefer to call myself un-nerdy, but hey, let’s not plaster labels and point fingers. We all get a little juiced over our own little entertainment universes. Lately, for me, it’s Dead Space. A few years ago it was Halo. When I was a kid it was Star Wars. Maybe for you it’s Twilight or The Hunger Games or [clears throat] Captain America.

I’m sorry, okay! Maybe it’s the impending explosion of our planet in 2012, but I just am not excited over this summer’s crop of superhero flicks (don’t even get me started on Green Lantern), and one of them is Captain America: The First Avenger. Let me put it this way: I’m intrigued, but my expectations are low. Maybe that’s good, but from what I’ve seen from Joe Johnston, I’m not pre-ordering the Blu-ray any time soon.

At any rate, here’s Red Skull, Captain America’s nemisis. This grumpy, red-faced bad guy is played by Hugo Weaving, who you probably know from his work as Agent Smith in The Matrix series, or maybe as the voice of Megatron in the Transformers movies. Me? I know him from his kick-ass Jedi braids in The Lord of the Rings films.

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  • Well atleast they got Hugo, that’s a good start.
    It does look intriguing, definitely not a fan of the lead.

    With all these damned remakes my expectations are also low , way too many comic book movies being made right now and already Spiderman reboot?..Gimmie a break..

    Well..Atleast this summers lineup looks a helluva lot better than last years fail, if anything the popcorn and diet coke will flow.

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