Halo 4 Webseries FORWARD UNTO TO DAWN Could Reignite Halo Movie

Remember back in 2006, a year before the release of the XBOX 360 game, Halo 3, when Peter Jackson brought every Master Chief-worshipping fanboy to the verge of nerdgasm with his announcement that he’d be producing a Neill Blomkamp-helmed (District 9) big-budget, live-action version of one of the most popular video-game franchises of all-time? I remember those days with fondness. I remember the haters crapping on Blomkamp’s lack of experience and I remember me giving them the bird when District

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Guy Pearce Just Sold Me Prometheus

I, like others have been cautiously skeptical about Ridley Scott’s upcoming “prequel” to his massively popular Alien. I love the cast Scott has assembled, Michael Fassenberner and Idris Elba are two amazing actors who have yet to dissapoint me. I have been dissapointed with so many remakes/rehashes/reboots over the past decade, I didn’t want to suffer another let down by one of my favorite directors… yes I am talking to you Tim Burton (Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland).

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The Hobbit in 3D… In Jackson I trust

Lets get this out of the way. I hate 3D movies. I saw Chicken Little in 3D years ago and am still trying to recover from the experience. When it comes to 3D movies, I ask myself… Does a movie in 3D add anything to the story that wouldn’t be there in 2D? Most of the time, I think that answer is no. After watching Transformers 3 in 3D earlier this year I promised myself that I would never again

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My Point of View on 9/11

We all know that today is the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. When I was little I remember watching Home Alone and thinking, “Where is the security? Why are they running through and airport? Why won’t my brother stop poking me? Why haven’t they checked their bags?” Well guess what little children? They didn’t have that back in the olden days otherwise known as the 90’s. You didn’t have to do all that crap that most of the time makes

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A Hunger Games Sneak Peek at MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards! Yippee!

First of all, I don’t get why they are called the Video Music Awards. Did somebody working for MTV type it backwards and had a rough day and the last thing they wanted to do was change it? That would make sense because when I’m at school and I’m way more tired then usual (I wake up at six in the morning people) and then I misspell something I am too lazy to change it. Anyway, some time during the

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Man of Steel Postponed is Horse Poopy

So you know how everybody was pooping there pants over how the new Superman movie Man of Steel  was going to come out next year in December? Well bring out the tissues because they decided to postpone it for six months. I know it’s pathetic and I’m pretty sure they will come out with some explanation why, but I already put it on my calendar in pen. How am I supposed to get that out? Huh Hollywood? Even if I scratch

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News of Halo 4 Gives Me Renewed Hope for Halo Movie

I can’t recall how many times over the last two years I’ve written about possible rumblings and rumors regarding the locked-in-development-hell Halo movie. You remember the Halo movie, right? Yeah, remember when Halo was a big deal, when it actually had some momentum? It was in 2005-2006, at the peak of Halo 2 and its eye-popping popularity on XBOX Live, and right before the release of Halo 3 in 2007. The buzz was high and Peter Jackson – yes, the

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PG-13 Version of The King’s Speech Opens Today

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day prank. It was announced last week by The Weinstein Company that a “family-friendly” version of The King’s Speech would be released into theaters today, April 1, 2011. Nobody is crying censorship, obviously, but many, including me are wondering why. Let’s be perfectly clear: The King’s Speech is an R rated movie because it uses the f-word 12 times. The rule is no more than two f-words in a PG-13 movie and not one

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Please, Sir, Can I Have a Dead Space Movie?

According to Dead Space 2’s in-game calculator, I’ve wasted spent 30 hours of my life, since late January, dismembering necromorphs (see: wetting myself out of fear) and galavanting across The Sprawl, looking like a bad ass space cowboy with my arsenal of limb-slicing weapons. I simply cannot get enough Dead Space. I loved the first game and I’m humping the leg of the second installment (on my fourth play-through). It’s a shooter, it’s a haunted house, it’s a space adventure and

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Nudity in The Deathly Hallows? The Truth About Potter’s Parts.

If you live in Utah, you know the way rumors spread through Mormondom like napalm, and you’ve  also probably heard people grumbling and asking questions about whether or not Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part I has nudity or not. I’m not sure who ignited this particular brouhaha, but it seems KSL.com picked the story up from who knows where and then it spread through Facebook and Twitter quicker than you can say Mahonri Moriacumer. Here’s my best guess:

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