The Amazing Spider-Man is Another Reason to Smile at 2012

With the looming Apocalypse/Armageddon in 2012, some folks might find it a tad bit difficult to feel sunny about the future. But take it from me, there is plenty to be excited about for 2012. I mentioned The Dark Knight Rises as my own personal 2012 must-see, but we can’t forget the other movies coming down the pike (The Hunger Games and the Superman reboot, Man of Steel), particularly The Amazing Spider-Man. And, lucky for us, Entertainment Weekly just dropped a whole

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Shark Night 3D Poster and Trailer, While Cool, Does Not Redeem Surefire Crapfest

Sharks are cool. 3D is lame. And both together, as last summer’s Piranha 3D proved, will not make good bedfellows. But Hollywood doesn’t care. Shark Night 3D has six pack Abercrombie abs, bikini wedgies, boobies, blood, explosions, hillbillies, wakeboarding, booze and CGI 3D sharks to make the under 25, backwards-hat-brigade of douchebags squeal like they’re warming up their $1 bills for a trip to Vegas. David R. Ellis, the director and man behind 2006’s Snakes on a Plane, isn’t looking

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First Picture from The Dark Knight Rises

The first legitimate photo from The Dark Knight Rises has been released. The above shows Tom Hardy as the villain… Bane.  Hardy (Inception) has been one of my favorite actors since he played “Handsome Bob” in RockNRolla (2008) a few years back, and I am glad that Christopher Nolan has decided to add him to his list of “actors I like to use in my movies.” Bane’s storyline in The Dark Knight Rises is still being kept under wraps, and since this is Nolan, expect it

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First Look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen!

It might be gloomy, cloudy weather and raining cats and dogs outside right now, we might be four days away from the end of the world, and my birthday certainly isn’t today (it’s July 12, if you want to get me a present!), but I’ll be damned if today isn’t looking up! Why? Because today fans of The Hunger Games get their first look at Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) as Katniss Everdeen, courtesy of the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly.

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Sharks + Bikinis = Awesomeness

There really haven’t been any breathtaking, blow-your-mind, first-class shark movies since Jaws in 1977 and I highly doubt Shark Night 3D, due in theaters on September 2, 2011, will change that fact. Still, sharks are awesome and so are bikinis, and by the looks of it, this movie has both. Shark Night 3D is directed by David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) and stars Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left), Dustin Milligan (Slither), Chris Carmack (The O.C.), Joel

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Happy Wednesday to ME! Beckinsale in Black Leather!

The Underworld series of vampire vs. lycans movies are high on my list of guilty-pleasure cinema and a big reason for that pleasure comes from the oh-so-sexy Kate Beckinsale and the way she busts caps into werewolf booty whilst wearing tight black leather. I don’t go gaga over many Hollywood actresses, but Beckinsale is definitely one that makes my pulse quicken. The picture below is from the latest installment of The Underworld franchise (the last was Underworld: Rise of the

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Captain America’s Red Skull Revealed and He Looks Pissed!

Listen, I love superhero movies, but I don’t know jack about the comic book side. Call me lazy, uninterested or whatever. I prefer to call myself un-nerdy, but hey, let’s not plaster labels and point fingers. We all get a little juiced over our own little entertainment universes. Lately, for me, it’s Dead Space. A few years ago it was Halo. When I was a kid it was Star Wars. Maybe for you it’s Twilight or The Hunger Games or

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I am Officially Pumped for The Amazing Spider-Man

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise died the minute Spider-Man 3 hit theaters. Instead of pushing forward with a fourth Raimi-helmed Spider-Man movie, the studio did the wise thing and went for the re-boot. When Columbia Pictures announced the hiring of (500) Days of Summer director, Marc Webb, my faith in the re-boot was bolstered. When Andrew Garfield was announced as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, I started to question my faith. However, after seeing Garfield in both Never Let Me Go and

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Reneswhat?! Edward & Bella’s Spawn Now Online!

Ever wondered what Edward & Bella’s half-vampire, half-human little girl, Renesmee (WTF!), would look like? I know I sure did and now I know! Below is the first-ever image of Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which hits theaters on November 16, 2012. One thing is certain: Edward and Bella’s love of hanging out in flowering meadows is definitely genetic.

Michael Douglas Beat Cancer, Becomes Photojacker

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes because I think they are ridiculous and irrelevant, but I caught this picture of Michael Douglas photojacking a snapshot of his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Angelina Jolie, who, because of her sickly, emaciated appearance, was just tagged to play Golumn in the upcoming Hobbit twology. I have to say, this picture makes me giggle because Michael Douglas must be on Cloud Nine after beating throat cancer and his giddy expression of photo terrorism achieved

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