New Trailer for Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, one thing cannot be refused about Michael Moore – he is entertaining. He’s back pounding the pavement, in search of truth and justice, in his new documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, opening on October 2, 2009. Based on the sort of meh I felt after watching Moore wander the streets in his trademark cap and urban-hobo attire, I’m not entirely sure this movie will cause a stir and an impact like Fahrenheit

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He’s A Wolf. He’s A Man. He’s The Wolf Man.

Not too long ago, Andy gave you the sad news that The Wolf Man, the tender coming of age story about a man, his wolf bite and the people he subsequently gnaws to death, would be pushed back from a fall release to the depressing and bitter-cold wasteland of winter 2010. You yawned. But that’s OK! Despite it’s setback, the trailer for the period-set Wolf Man revival has arrived, begging the question: Why did werewolf transformations look so much better

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Avatar Trailer Arrives

With just a few months before its release, James Cameron’s Avatar— the “event” film most general movie going audiences should have been talking about six months ago as far as 20th Century Fox is concerned– has received a trailer. The whole film is still an enigma, so I’m not sure that giving a non-narrated encapsulation of the film is the best way to explain the plot to folks unfamiliar with it, or whether this film even looks as revolutionary as

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Taken + Unfaithful = The Other Man

Oh, man! Qui-Gon Jinn is pissed in this trailer for The Other Man. And why wouldn’t he be? First he’s got to rescue his spoiled rotten daughter in Taken, and now he learns his wife, played by Laura Linney (The Savages), is having sexytime with Antonio Banderas (The Legend of Zorro). On first glance, this looks like the writers from the aforementioned Taken linked up with the creative masterminds behind Unfaithful and pounded out a script for this your-having-an-affair-with-my-wife-and-now-I’m-going-to-stalk-you thriller.

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A Trailer for Both Gentlemen and Broncos

Jared Hess. A man birthed from the Mormon Movie massacre of 2002-2004 and shot from the cannon of obscurity to cultural zeitgeist with Napoleon Dynamite. A man subsequently handed the reigns to an underrated and unappreciated Jack Black Luchador comedy from Paramount and then…. silence. Until now! Jared Hess is back with the comedy Gentlemen Broncos– the epic tale of a young sci-fi writer’s quest to overcome the plagiarizing forces of  old sci-fi writer Ronald Chevalier (as played by Flight

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Legion Unleashes Angels Right in Your Face

The Bible can be creepy. Take Revelations, with its symbolic dragons, falling stars, blood moon, apocalyptic horsemen and the “God Hates Fags” guys. There’s also the story of Jesus’ run-in with a guy who’s possessed. Jesus asks his name and the guy responds “Legion- for we are many”. Of course, Legion subsequently gets a spiritual punch in the face, hops into a bunch of pigs who then squeal/gargle their way into a Red Sea dirt nap, but that didn’t stop

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Kate Beckinsale is Yumtastic in Whiteout

I won’t make any apologies for lusting after Kate Beckinsale. I just won’t. If she showed up and my door in her get-up from Underworld and Underworld 2, I wouldn’t even bother flipping a coin. And given my wife’s love of vampire movies, I’m pretty sure she’d just let me go at that point, maybe even with a “good luck” or something like that. Irregardless, Miss Beckinsale is yummy in both the trailer (which showed before G.I. Joe: The Rise

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Zombieland Red Band Trailer is All Sorts of Awesome!

October 9, 2009 is cool for two reasons now – first, it’s my dad’s birthday, and second, it’s when Zombieland with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin hits cinemas. You know Harrelson, because he’s old and been around for awhile, but Eisenberg was curly-haired nerd recently seen in Adventureland, and Emma Stone climbed the ladder of fame in Superbad as being the only girl on the planet who would possibly sleep with Jonah Hill. And you know

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Trailer Tues…Wednesday: The Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones is one of the most powerful and emotional novels I have read in my entire life. It moved me in such a way that a film version didn’t seem possible or plausible. That’s the beauty of books and reading, the “movie” is painted in our minds by virtue of our imagination, not Hollywood’s. Nevertheless, my fears were stymied when Peter Jackson (The Lord of The Rings) was tagged to direct Sebold’s masterpiece. My only concern

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