Chick fight! Obsessed Slaps, Claws and Pulls Hair to Weekend’s Number One.

by Dan

obsessedChalk one up for the cheap domestic “thriller”. In the midst of tepid choices for new releases this weekend, the Beyonce Knowles/Ali Larter “Oh no you DI’N’T– he’s MY man!!”  cat fight thriller Obsessed took in enough cash to win most watched move in America. I suppose it’s easy to knock the success of cheap entertainment this weekend and blame it on a lack of taste by way of the movie-going public,  but with the next pandemic oinking at the doorstep and world events a constant stream of depression, trivial escapism can feel like a warm bowl of mac and cheese.

Still, it must have been a slow weekend on the Lifetime network.

Street brawler Fighting and last weeks number one, 17 Again, are currently duking it out for the the number two spot.  The winner by unanimous decision will be decided tomorrow, when the dollars shake out and a TKO becomes finalized. While it’s a weak top three, they’re pretty typical the of the releases thrown out in a calm weekend before the onset of the summer storm. The other two new releases, Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie “I hate gums” Foxx’s The Soloist and Disney’s Planet Earth rehash Earth took fourth and fifth spots, respectively. Last week’s number two, State of Play, dropped to number six.

In the end, however, these numbers don’t really matter as anything more than a novelty or studio ROI metric. State of Play falling to number six means nothing as a reflection of it’s quality, of which the same can be said for a surprise $30 million opener for the over-the-top dramarama of Obsessed. It just means we’re one week closer to some serious summer entertainment– and nine times out of ten, that’s always a good thing.


  1. Mike Literous
    26 April 09, 3:35pm

    I just thought I would say something to stop another 0 comments post

  2. Dan
    26 April 09, 4:52pm

    Mike, you’re a real gentleman.

  3. Andy
    26 April 09, 5:04pm

    Every saga has a beginning, Mike, and every big tree begins with a little seed.

  4. Jenny
    26 April 09, 9:54pm

    Tell me you don’t secretly want to see both of those. No? Really?

  5. Andy
    27 April 09, 4:52pm

    After “Dreamgirls,” I can’t ever see or listen to Beyonce ever again. That movie was all kinds of crap. Ali Larter is smokin’ hot. I won’t lie.

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