Chris Evans is Captain America

I have nothing against Chris Evans. I think he’s great in Sunshine and I thought he holds his own as Johnny Storm in both Fantastic Four movies. I can see why Marvel Studios wants him in the role of Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America. He’s a recognizable face, he’s a handsome dude and he’s got a nice, Ryan Reynold’s-esque wit and sarcasm. But frankly, I would have loved to see Marvel Studios do something different and go with an unknown or someone totally random. Even though I loved John Krasinski in Away We Go, I don’t think he would have been a good choice, but I like the direction.  In the end, I’m sure Evans will be a good pick, I’m just not feeling enthused about the selection. I also didn’t feel to stoked about Christian Bale as Batman, but look how that turned out.

How ’bout it fans of the Cap? Bad choice or good choice by Marvel Studios?

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  • I dunno..the dudes got some pretty bad ass abs but if he’s anything like he is in Fantastic Four im just going to wanna punch him in his pretty boy face.

    I havent seen him do anything serious at all, i barely remember him in Sunshine and i loved that film.

    They’d better not screw this up, this film could be something really cool, God knows we could use a good ole American Pie kick ass comic book movie but, if theyre gonna make this thing some cornholio campy tardfest its going to be really heartbreaking.

  • Chris evans is ok but it should be someone else like michael weatherly. what if marvel wanted to make an fantastic four/avengers movie Chris cant play two roles and besides i think micheal would be great as captain america. so how about it!!!!marvelittes

  • Fantastic choice. Chris can lend gravitas, humor and everyman to the role. Krasinski is a lot of fun, but he looks too comedic. And Chris Evans, let’s face it… by way of so many films that failed to take off, is pretty much unknown besides “the human torch guy”.

  • I am very disappointed because this excludes the possibility of a movie featuring both the Avengers and the FF, an occurance that happens frequently in comic books.

  • Dan..

    Fantastic choice?..really?

    Cmon buddy..this guy is completely mediocre to this point..

    Stop starin at his abs..i know..its tough..but stop..

  • While I think Evans is a competent choice for Captain America (in part because you’d want someone recognizable for what I consider to not be a comic series at the level of Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men…) I do not approve at all of casting one actor in multiple comic book movies. I echo Bryan’s comment about potential for a crossover, but I’m already suspending disbelief for the enjoyment of the film, now I have to try and see Chris Evans as two different characters and he has to go to extra effort (possibly to the point of damaging the character) of separating the characters.

    Bad move in the end.

    //David Tenant for Riddler.

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