Clash of the Titans Teaser Trailer is 99.9% Awesome

Remember how cool the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans used to be when you were five years-old and the Ray Harryhausen creatures looked ever-so-real? Remember how lame that movie looks now? Don’t fret, because from the looks of this teaser trailer, director Louis Leterrier has made the tale of Perseus, Andromeda, Medussa and the Krakken all shiny again, with a little bit of kick-ass video game zip to boot. My only problem with this trailer? The tagline at the end: TITANS! WILL! CLASH! Lame. Otherwise, I’m sufficiently juiced for March 2010.

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  • Could this be an 80s retro movie remake that wont be lame, im looking forward to it and I was hoping to see the Kraken in the Preview but I guess I missed it.

    • Did you like “The Incredible Hulk?” Not the 2003 version by Ang Lee, but the most recent? That was Leterrier and I thought it was great. Just as good as “Iron Man” in my book. His involvement is what has me excited. I think this will be a pleasant surprise.

  • The Incredible Hulk(2008) was weaksauce..
    Infact it was downright terrible, the script was dogshit.
    I cant remember when a film/director made such fine actors as Norton, William Hurt and Tim Roth come off so completely retarded and silly as that giant turd did.

    Huge dissapointment.

    ..And why is this nub Ausie actor getting all these kick ass roles in films lately? From what ive seen of him hes rather stiff n lifeless.

    And now hes Perseus in my all time fav childhood flick, hope the director doesnt screw this one up..

    • Bah! Downright terrible is reaaaallly stretching it, I think. It’s not four stars, but it is easily a solid B. I thought it was a great movie and I’m a proud owner of the Blu-ray. Again, I don’t see any difference between that and the collective circle jerk over Iron Man.

      As to your Sam Worthington enigma, I’m with you there. He’s nothing more than a face to me, especially with his bland performance in Terminator Salvation. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong in Clash.

    • How do you take a movie about a one ton green man who can’t die and can only say “HULK!! SMASH” more interesting than what the 2008 version pulled off?

      I think The Incredible hulk is as interesting as the Hulk story line can get – you can’t milk anything more out of it!!!

      The Ang Lee version was bad – the pooches scene still makes me want to gag( really, i think it was THE silliest and genre killing fight scene in history of hollywood)!!!

  • DUH, DUH, DUH, DUH DUH! BEER NEER NEER NEER NEER! Sounded like I was at a Transiberian Orchestra concert there for a minute.

    But I have to agree. This looks like a lot of fun.

  • Looks freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait. After enjoying Star Trek and Transformers this summer and the new Batman movies, my hope for this 80’s flashback movie is renewed! Plus, I must admit, I am a sucker for a good action flick! And men in gladiator costumes…I AM THERE!

  • Lamba- you’re on to something there.

  • Yes, the Ang Lee version sucked donkey. The ginormous radioactive doggie scene was the absolute lowlight in that movie.

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